What Will The Casinos Of The Future Look Like?

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Throughout human history, people have enjoyed predicting the future: considering the trends they’ve seen take shape, factoring in the advancements that seem to be just over the horizon, and imagining the wonders (or horrors) that the following years may bring. On the whole, we’re pretty bad at it, but it does depend on what exactly we’re trying to predict.


Pinpointing the end of the world and existence as we know it? We’re truly miserable at that. No matter how feverishly we pore over religious texts and miscellaneous portents, the Earth keeps barreling on. But conceiving of the future of industry — well, that’s a different matter. Where there’s money to be made, humanity and its myriad inventions are easier to understand.


This brings us to the titular matter: looking to the casinos of the future. Gambling will always be with us, part of the fabric of our culture, but what exactly will casinos look like in decades to come? Opinion will vary, no doubt, but here’s my best guess:

They’ll cater to offline and online gamblers

The biggest change that’s sure to be evident in future casinos is the integration of online gambling into the standard casino experience. There are already real money slot sites that anyone can use (and plenty of them), and betting on live sporting events has taken place online for many years now, but that’s merely a taste of what’s to come.


Imagine a blackjack game that you can join offline or online. All the decisions of the players there in person are shown to the online players, and vice versa. Better yet, imagine that kind of poker game: the very nature of bluffing would change radically with webcam footage in play. You’d probably see people using all manner of filters to change their expressions, creating a fascinating bluffing-centric meta-game. I expect it to happen!

They’ll implement more gamification

Haven’t casinos used gamification elements for decades now? Well, yes, they have, but those elements have largely drawn from old-school gaming systems, and there’s been a lot of progress in the gaming world since then. As casinos invest in their systems, they’ll start to bring in more complex gamification that’s significantly more effective at getting people hooked.


We could also see interesting crossovers with actual video games. Imagine playing a free mobile game throughout the week and winning various loyalty rewards from your preferred casino as a result. It seems like a win-win to me.

They’ll feature automated croupers

I’m not just talking about AI systems here: I’m talking about robots. People-shaped robots capable of slinging cards, ordering food, offering some basic quips, and detecting cheating. It’ll take quite some time before we can have robots capable of human-level sensory perception, but a robot could easily tap into casino cameras and other monitoring systems and use that data to identify cheating players before booting them from their games.


There are other benefits, too. Robots don’t get tired or have rights or need to be given perks. They’re utterly reliable — and, provided they’re secured properly, incorruptible. You’d never need to worry about a robotic croupier taking a payment under the table to allow cheating.

They’ll have holograms everywhere

Maybe this is because holograms look so great and we’ve yet to see them really take off, but I’m confident (slash hopeful) that the future of casinos involves holograms in a big way. Flashy 3D holograms of musical performances, sporting contests, stand-up comedy gigs… There’s no shortage of options for technology like that.


The first step, of course, is developing futuristic holographic technology — but I’m sure science has that covered, so I’ll just sit back and let the technological wizards work their magic. In the meantime, I’ll close my eyes tightly and picture neon holograms stretching into the distance.


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