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The online gambling world has been around for some time now. It has created an ecosystem for all parties to enjoy. This environment welcomes all enthusiasts who want to achieve a top place in this ever-growing industry.

We can say that the global online gambling market is described by the presence of several vendors seeking to dominate the market. Some vendors operate specific businesses like casinos and lottery and others control multiple fields such as retail betting. The growth opportunities of these vendors are on the rise due to the expansion of gambling premises and the increased number of participants. Technology development and continuous changes in consumer preferences strengthen the competitive environment on the market.

Segmentation by Device

PCs and laptops are both incorporated in the desktop department which is accounted for the majority market share so far. It has become the most consistent in terms of shares. Nonetheless, the market segment is declining due to the growth of smartphones and tablets.

Basically, there is no difference between mobile and desktop gambling. Nowadays, online casinos offer a mobile version that’s similar to the desktop one. The wide selection of video slots and digital casino games have been brought to date and work perfectly on any mobile platform. Many online players have been inspired to make the switch and opt for the mobile world.

Mobile Gaming Advantages

Online play is available whenever you feel like hitting the slots, no matter your current location. The virtual world has managed to make everything accessible at just a click of a button. Those who think online gambling is not as fun as playing the same games by actually stepping inside the casino may want to reconsider.


  • Accessibility and convenience: Smartphones can accompany you wherever you go. With the help of fast network speeds and large data packages, users are able to gamble anywhere. This also helps players take advantage of special offers which are only available at certain times and can expire at any moment. No desktop can provide the convenience of gambling while on the go.  

  • Bonuses: Casinos strive to increase mobile traffic with exclusive promotions. These are meant only for mobile gamers. Players who are looking to benefit from such offers can opt for King Casino Bonus to find out which one fits best.  

  • Total Privacy: Most casino games do not require a full-size screen. Moreover, the graphics display is perfectly compatible with smartphones. There is an increasing number of players who prefer to gamble privately and it is easier to do so when using a mobile device.

  • Test the Games You Wish to Play: No one will force you to play the games with your wallet having to suffer. You can try out your luck in a particular game. If it works out, register and follow the necessary requirements of becoming a member.

  • The Game History Gets Recorded: Game stats get recorded as and when you play them. All gaming sites boast on a reliable computerized system that saves all data while playing.

  • Less Distraction, More Focus: Casinos may be glamorous and over the top and this might come as a distraction to some. That’s why playing games online is the perfect solution: it’s just you and the gadget, so the attention is drawn towards winning.

Technology is the Key

One of the trends that’s becoming more and more prominent as a result of advancements in technology is the popularity of live casinos. Improvements in internet connections and high definition cameras allow developers to create games where players can interact in real time with dealers.

While computing powers get stronger and hardware for mobile devices gets smaller, designers are free to turn their creative inspirations into exciting games for all enthusiasts to enjoy.

One area where software providers will focus on the upcoming period is the realm of virtual reality. 3D environments where players can pull the lever on a virtual slot machine and see the reels come to life will eventually be a huge draw.

For now, the hardware required to experience the best virtual reality has to offer is highly expensive, restricting the potential proliferation of the exciting medium. Time will speak for itself, eventually leading the way to this new approach.  

Another field where technology could have a substantial impact on is data collection and storage. More collected and analyzed information imply that game developers will be able to tailor online casino games to prospective audiences, which will likely increase the popularity of the games.

The truth is we are no longer bound to our desktop. Recent studies have suggested that the mobile gaming market will continue to grow over the next few years. The way people are using casinos is changing. Whereas once everyone would have needed to visit a casino to play games, now they can do so wherever they are.


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