New Swedish Online Casino Review and Promotion Code Site Launched

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Bä is a completely new site that offers Swedish casino players and sports betting punters expert product reviews from pro players and access to high value bonus code offers.


Everyone from slot fans to football bettors or Blackjack fans can rely upon this fresh breeze in the Swedish gambling world to be a world class one-stop portal. Players have 100% free access to detailed product reviews, video analysis of games and unique promotion codes that unlock otherwise unavailable welcome offers, while sport bettors can follow experienced tipsters and get insights into their daily tips as well as an entire section dedicated to news about everything that happens in the casino and gambling industry.


With full listings and reviews of all the best casinos and bookmakers, punters and casino gamblers get top advice and guidance that will make their money – and entertainment – last as long as possible.


The entire Swedish gambling hub is designed to guarantee that every gamer that visits the site can boost their gaming experiences from the very first moment.


Unlike most affiliate sites on the Scandinavian market, bä is specialized on in-depth long form reviews where gambling experts scrutinize all aspects of every casino. That's a big difference compared to just a table of free spin offers, which is what can be found on most competitors' websites.


These reviews, and betting tips, arms visitors with inside knowledge normally reserved for professional players that have won it during the course of years of hard research and setbacks.


It is unusual for affiliate sites to disclose this kind of information, so expect some commotion in the Swedish segment of this market following the launch of the new gambling-hub.


Games covered include everything from roulette and strategies like Contre d'Alember progression or the cancellation betting system, to sports betting and slots. All sorts of bonus codes are presented, ranging from no deposit free spins to deposit sport bonuses, bookmaker free bets, and perhaps the most common of all promotion codes: casino match deposit bonus.


A colourful right hand side banner highlights the latest casino and bookmaker offers, and the clean top menu offers easy navigation to all parts of the vast site and its wealth of resources.


The website's casino and bookmaker reviews borders on the extreme when it comes to details and critical evaluation. These reviews include – among other things – the mobile gaming experience, types of games represented, betting options, average RTP, how the customer support services works, payout methods and transaction times, the site's design elements and functionality, and much more.


All aspects of each operator have been researched extensively by experienced industry experts who know what to focus on when investigating whether a casino is reliable or not.


What's even more refreshing is the amount of unique content. Bä produce its own game play videos, betting tutorials, and have a full-fledged YouTube channel with movies that highlights every single slot machine they offer free spins for. You will also get much more information than just “Starburst free spins” here - instead you can expect a professional review highlighting all parts of this particular slot machine. And that goes for every game that the site hands out free spins to.


Our overall impression is that this launch will make it easier than ever for Swedish gamblers to decide upon which casino or bookmaker is the best match for their personal gambling preferences.


The website editor, Pierre Johansson, reveals true passion when talking to us about Bä's future, saying:


There's not a single Swedish site that offers this kind of information for players, so we really see a need to fill here. Especially for new players, finding a good bookie or casino that matches their exact needs usually cost a lot of time or money. A one-stop-shop with everything that new and seasoned players can ever ask for is something that the Swedish market has been lacking for quite some time now, and we're proud to be the ones that first thought of it.”


The team behind the new gambling hub haven't spared any expenses to source and systematize tons of information, nevertheless there's no risk that users will be bored since it's all presented in a way that's easy to take in and mixed up with images and professionally made videos.


The Stockholm based www.bä is undoubtedly Sweden's most comprehensive source of bonus codes, online gambling news and betting tips. It offers its members bespoke bonus codes, as well as a standing promise to give personal help to any player that need information about the gambling world.


This launch have raised the bar for affiliate marketing in Scandinavia, so it's with great interest we're following this development and the competitors response to the new gambling hub


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