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Many casino enthusiasts are finding out more and more that the convenience of online casinos far outweighs any amenities they might get from actually attending a land-based casino these days, especially with revolutionary sites like NinjaCasino usage of cutting edge technology to offer close to instant payout methods - without even the need to sign up.

While online casinos have been around for over two decades by now, a large population of old-school casino players has managed to resist the allure of playing from the comfort of their own home, or anywhere else for that matter, citing the safety of their funds and payout times as some of the biggest reasons why they have yet to make the change.

However, while it is true that in the industry’s infancy these two were big issues -with scam books disappearing in the middle of the night with players funds and legitimate operations taking sometimes months to deliver funds to winning players - these problems have all but disappeared completely.

Instant deposits guaranteed, but what about instant payouts?

One of the most important criteria when choosing an online casino should be to take a look at their different payout methods. While almost every online casino in the world will gladly take your funds instantly, not all of them are so inclined to let them go that easily.

A way to know that the casino you are looking at is legitimate is that they offer multiple instant withdrawal methods. In order for a casino to do this, they will need to keep a significant balance in their account for every payment method, which will require sometimes 30 or more accounts o have enough balance to pay hundreds of players on any given day. It will also indicate that the casino is a fair casino, as it won’t play the waiting game with you in hopes that you will change your mind and gamble the money away.

Also, keep a lookout for casinos that don’t charge any fees for withdrawals or charge only the amount the payment processor costs. Getting your money back should not have to cost you a significant percentage of your winnings, and reputable casinos will not use the opportunity to try and cut their losses.

Best Online Withdrawal Methods

There are many different payment options available to players that will guarantee a safe and speedy transaction at no cost and with little or no hassle to set up. When choosing an online casino, you should always review their payout options before depositing, and if you find one or more of the options from the list below you can rest assured that your payouts will be smooth and quick.

BankID–The withdrawal method pioneered by NinjaCasino, this method allows all Swedish customers to use this online ID verification to make immediate deposits and withdrawals directly to their bank account. Not only does this method allow lightning-fast payouts, but it also allows complete anonymity for the player as he does not need to share any of his information with the casino.

Paypal – PayPal is the leading payment method used throughout the world for all sorts of internet transactions, with over 230 million users worldwide and availability in over 190 countries. Purchased by eBay in 2012, PayPal stopped offering their services to US customers for gambling purposes, but remain one of the fastest, safest, and most hassle-free deposit and withdrawal methods in all countries where it is available.

Neteller–A name practically synonymous with internet casino e-wallets, Neteller made its name by allowing casino players to make instant deposits and receive same day payouts at very low costs - or often for free. Founded in 1999, Neteller has processed hundreds of millions of transactions for betting sites, gaining a steller reputation in the process. It is currently monitored, regulated and authorized by the UK Financial Service Authority. Neteller offers pre-paid cards that can be used to withdraw funds at ATM’s worldwide.

Skrill–One of the most well-known and highly reputed e-wallets that have serviced the online casino industry, Skill – formerly Moneybookers- is one of the simplest and most convenient options available for players worldwide (except the US). Requiring only your email and none of your sensitive financial information, Skrill offers fast payments with guaranteed security.

Entropay– A virtual card that functions in association with Visa, Entropay is not as old or well established as Neteller or Skrill, but they have impressed with their fast and convenient services. Once you sign up, you can transfer funds directly from your bank account to your virtual Entropay card, which you can then use to deposit and withdraw from any casino where Visa payments are accepted.

CryptocurrenciesBitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies have recently become one of the preferred payment methods for many casino enthusiasts. While they are indeed quite fast, safe and cheap to process, these coins’ huge volatility makes them a riskier option than other methods on this list. However, if you are of the belief that cryptos will continue to grow in value in the long term, it might be a good way to invest your casino winnings.


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