Ancient Egypt Slot Machines, The Power Of History At Your Fingertips

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So many people have several stories about ancient Egypt, but they have never taken to sit down and think about how life could have been like to be a slave in the land that was ruled by the tyrant Pharaohs. Well, it is understood that we need to let th e past go, but how possible is it that you quickly forget what happened yesterday, the other week, last year or a couple of years and of course where we’ve come from?It is of utmost importance that we remind ourselves how far we have come as a people. I mean, it is healthy to know what happened to our sisters and brothers who lived somewhere in 1513 B.C. during a time many mysterious things were happening. Do you remember  what we learn from religious books such as the Bible and what reputable historians tell us about ancient Egypt? Wait a moment, maybe you’ve read about the ten plagues, the Egyptian mummies, the bricks that Israeli slaves made, the pyramids, and perhaps the Mighty Pharaohs whom we’re told that once they died, they were laid to rest with all their slaves that were alive!

Ancient Egypt’s past is so important that the gaming industry has taken the necessary steps to ensure that all that you hear about Egypt is brought very close to you. Gaming developers have since tried to use a few themes on which they have based their slots that talk about ancient Egypt. The few selected topics are Golden Ark, Queen of The Nile, Book of Ra, which of course is similar to the famous movie The Mummy, and Cleopatra to mention a few.

Popular Online Slot Games

In this theme of ancient Egypt slot machines, there are quite some slots in the market, ma king it difficult for one to find the best.Nonetheless, we’ll try to sample the best based on how frequent the slot is requested online.

Book of Ra 6

This is so far the most popular of all the ancient Egypt slot machines. This real money online slot machine is created by Novomatic whose interest is that you have to enter into a tomb that holds the remains of Sun God Ra.In i t, you are supposed to find a legendary book called Scattered Book of Ra. What is interesting in this slot is that of you find the book, and become lucky, you win a whopping 7, 500, 000 coins!

Cleopatra II

Most importantly, this is another popular one of the ancient Egypt slot machines produced by IGT Gaming. The slot is more of a quest in which you are required to acquire and take home plenty of Egyptian Gold. But you are not going to do it alone for you need support from gods such as Anubis, Horus, and Ballet. Upon acquiring Egyptian Gold, you will be rewarded with Mega Jackpots and a progressive jackpot.

Golden Ark

Above all, this is another Novomatic production, which gives you a chance to rescue a genuinely sexy researcher who according to the slot will never get home safe without your help. You stand a chance of winning up to 500, 000 coins.

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