Wagerhome.com celebrates 15th season with Brand New Software Platform

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Wagerhome has come back to the pay per head Market with a brand new proprietary software platform.

We specialize in specific functionality that the local bookmaker needs to properly run a local business offshore. Everything you need is available online through our easy to use agent admin. If you cannot do it yourself, ask and we will have our team of programmers create the function and add to our platform. Our primary focus is to have the agents be able to run everything from the comfort of their laptops. Of course, our American customer service staff will always be available if you need to call on the road to get changes done. And we will always offer a full-service call center.

When we started hosting business besides our own(Yes we are also old school books who know all your needs) we made a choice to use our previous provider and helped them create their entire system. We decided to move on from that provider over how they ran office. Now we have full control of programming and we can  offer the clients the ability to make requests and accommodate all requested updates to our software.(Within reason of course). Most can be done in short order and the more complicated programming we can get done within a few months. We already have the most advanced functioning turnkey sportsbook solution on the market.

Ask around and you will get nothing but fantastic feedback about Wagerhome.com integrity and years of work with the biggest bookmakers in the business. To start off our new platform we are making these great offers: Free website(25 player min), 10% bonus on 1st deposit and 4 weeks free for the transition. We also make the move seamless and you can use same exact account numbers you are currently using on your current platform. Call Wagerhome.com @1-800-728-8509 for more information and pricing.

Our turnkey sportsbook software at wagerhome.com offers the most comprehensive variety of game offerings, from all types of player props to dynamic live wagering. Everything is customizable and easy to limit players any way you choose. We can set up a detailed profile so your business is run exactly how you want. Call us today to for a tutorial of our complete platform.

About Us: Wagerhome.com has been offshore 15 years and in the business for over 30 years. We run your business like it is our own and you will profit more by our years of knowledge in the industry. Call today for the most advance turnkey sportsbook software in the pay per head industry.






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