Thieves Rob SLS Casino In Las Vegas Nevada

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Monday morning is not a good time for SLS Casino. At around 9 am Monday morning, a man jumps right into the casino counter. The man takes money from the casino counter and walks out. The casino is yet to release video footage of the incident. Also,  this is the fourth robbery incident. The other three events have video footages.  Other theft incidents make the news. But there is a reason why this is of concern. It takes place in the morning. Until now, there is no video out. The other thing is that this is the fourth incident within a week. The other three facilities are New York New York, Ellis, and Harrah’s. All the incidents are taking place inside one week. Police are still investigating these cases.

In November, a criminal gang enters the Bellagio Casino Resort. The thieves enter the casino and head straight to the counter. They rob, and take away the money. These thieves use a gunman to take the money. KTNV Crime and Safety Expert Randy Sutton say there is something to do with the crimes. Randy means that it is something to do with risk and reward. Mr. Sutton is a retired Las Vegas Lieutenant. He is of the opinion that when these guys walk in, they don’t fear. They are not even aware if there will be another armed man. In short, Randy says that these thieves do not care about the outcome. “These guys that are going in do not feel there are going to be consequences. They don’t feel they are going to face down armed security,” Sutton says.

What Sutton says is that these incidents are not going to stop. They will only stop if authorities will do something. Thieves know that these facilities do not have armed guards. The other thing thieves know is that these resorts handle vast sums of money. So, these hotels are the easy targets of such criminals.  Sutton says that it is understandable why a thief will walk to a club in the morning or at broad daylight. He is almost aware that there is nobody to stop him. After all, he is the only one with a firearm. Las Vegas Metro Police Department says they do not see any connection of the five crimes. They are, however, not ruling out any possibility. Advertisement: Check out the best Las Vegas casinos online at

Patrons at the SLS Casino say that they are still in shock. They don’t believe how easy the robbery takes place. These patrons do not think, so such easy crimes happen on high-end facilities. These patrons feel that there must be negligence somewhere. On their mind, a casino should be one of the highly-secured places. It is another bank. It should have wardens and armed security officers. It shouldn’t be easy to penetrate a casino. “Nobody should be able to rob a casino. It shouldn’t be possible. They need to do something about their security or something,” says Leonard Roberts.  The incident in SLS Casino is not like the other in New York New York. The armed thief who takes money from NYNY escapes using a taxi. Police are yet to establish the cab and the thief.

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