Sportsbook Promotions To Switch Players To Cryptocurrency

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Pay per head agents should be making transactions in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. If they aren’t doing so, they should start doing so today.

(Don’t forget, at, you’ll get 5% cash back up to $5,000, find out more, and start using cryptocurrency in your sportsbook.)

Making transactions in a digital currency is a two-way street, though.

It becomes burdensome for agents to make transactions in Bitcoin or Ethereum if their players don’t.

Keep reading for a few sportsbook promotions that agents can run to switch players to cryptocurrencies.

Sportsbook Promotions to Switch Players to Bitcoin or Ethereum

The easiest way to switch players to Bitcoin or Ethereum is to offer betting credits to those players.

When offering betting credits, pay per head agents must be careful to not offer the same type of bonuses that large online sportsbook promotions.

It’s impossible to compete with a 100% bonus. Most agents don’t have the capital to compete with a 100% bonus. Many agents don’t even have the capital to compete with a 20% bonus.

Keeping track of rollovers, like what the big online sportsbook do, can be a burden.

Stay away from offering percentage-based cash bonuses.

Instead, offer specific credit amounts, or specific credit wagers.

$50 in betting credits if you switch to Bitcoin or Ethereum

This should get most players to switch to Bitcoin or Ethereum right away. The goal with percentage-based bonuses is to encourage players to deposit a lot of money at one time.

Something like this is more attractive to many sports bettors because it’s about switching to the financial instrument they use to deposit money.

It also shouldn’t be a huge burden to most online bookie agents.

$25 free bet on some type of future proposition if you make the switch

The $25 free bet could be on something like the Kentucky Derby, the winner of Super Bowl 53, the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup.

Or even some other difficult to handicap event like this year’s PGA Masters Tournament.

A free entry to an outside tournament if you switch to Bitcoin or Ethereum

Offering free entries to outside tournaments could be harder to accomplish than simply adding betting credits to an individual account.

Pay per head agents should consider doing this, though. The reason is because by doing so, agents could offer something as a prize.

Offering a single $500 betting credit to the winner of an outside sports-based tournament could save bookies a lot of money.

These are just three examples. All online bookie agents should get creative when it comes to encouraging players to switch to cryptocurrency.

Online bookies have a reason to switch players too, why? has eliminated transaction fees for all cryptocurrency, plus the added 5% cashback bonus of up to $5,000.

So, what’s the hold up? Sign up for and start keeping your money where it belongs - in your wallet!



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