Small Time Bookies Can Still Generate A Great Profit—Here's How

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Although small time online bookies will never reach the heights of Vegas sportsbooks, they can make great weekly profit with just a handful of clients.

By using specific pay per head tools, they can ensure that the profit they make is consistent.

Check out 3 tools that per head agents can use to generate dollars. Then, get PayPerHead’s Prime Package to access these tools and start generating more profit.

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Layoff Account 

The line mover allows bookies to off load risk on one side of a spread. The layoff account helps bookies reach as close as possible to an even amount of money on one side of a spread to another.

What the layoff account does is allow bookies to accept all large spread wagers. Then, they can layoff money wagered to ensure profit. This is one of the very best tools available to bookies.

Line Mover

The line mover is only available to pay per head agents that sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package.

The line mover can work 2-ways.

First, bookies can move lines that more accurately reflect specific games. For example, if the Patriots should be -4.5 favorites instead of -3.5 favorites, bookies can move the line with the line mover.

Second, the bookies can move lines to encourage wagers. Take the above example again. Say the Patriots are -4.5 in most every other sportsbook. Bookies can use the line mover to move the line a half a point to -4. That will encourage action on the Patriots.

Bet Alert Tool

The bet alert tool helps agents generate profit because it pings an agent when a large bet has been placed. Pay per head agents can then adjust.

You can only generate profit if you don’t lose money. This is true for every business. Revenue means nothing if revenue doesn’t turn into profit.

The only way that revenue becomes profit is when monetary losses are counted against the revenue. Whatever is left over is profit.

The bet alert tool lets agents know when a steam betting situation might be arising. Before the steam heats up the wagering, agents can jump all over it.

As you can see, there are ways for small time bookies to generate profit. Bookies mustn’t contend with big Vegas sportsbooks for action.

They can make great profit by providing wagering services to their own group of sports bettors.

All the pay per head tools listed above are available through PayPerHead’s Prime Package, which is the best way to ensure profit, and gives pay per head agents the added security to protect their monetary gains against monetary loss.  

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