Killer Nanny Sentenced to Death in Arson Case Fueled by Gambling Addiction

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A nanny has been found guilty of starting a fire that resulted in the death of a woman and three of her children.

Mo Huanjing, 35, was sentenced to death by a first instance judgment at Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court. 

The case showed that Huanjing was burdened by gambling debts and sought nanny jobs in 2015 to pay off debtors.

From The Star Online:

In September 2016, Mo, through an agent, obtained a live-in nanny job at the home of Zhu Xiaozhen and Lin Shengbin in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

Between March and June, Mo stole gold jewellery and watches, then pawned them for over 180,000 yuan (RM113,020).

On the night of June 21, Mo lost 60,000 yuan (RM37,673) by gambling. To raise more money, she decided to win over Zhu’s gratitude by starting a fire at the home and extinguishing it, the verdict said.

Between 2am and 4am on June 22, Mo searched the web on her mobile phone on how to set a fire.

Around 5am, Mo ignited books with a lighter. The fire spread to sofas and curtains in the living room, leading to Zhu’s death and those of her three children, ages six, nine and 11. The cause of death was carbon monoxide inhalation.

The court determined that Mo's confession would not result in a lighter punishment.

“The past 200-plus days have been such a torment for me and today the verdict finally came,” Lin, the family’s only survivor, said on Friday after the court ruling.

Mo did not appeal in court on Friday, according to local media reports.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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