The 3 Pay Per Head Tools Every Online Agent Should Be Using

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One of the reasons to collaborate with a pay per head company is having access to PPH tools.

Most per head tools like those offered by PayPerHead.com are created to allow agents to efficiently turn their businesses.

Below, is information on 3 of the most important tools offered through PayPerHead.

If an online bookies or pay per head agent does have the tools below, they need PayPerHead. Right now they can upgrade to PayPerHead’s premium platform for FREE.

But remember, this deal is almost over, so get today.

Schedule Limit Override

Setting schedule limit overrides is the best way to handle basketball betting. What agents can do by setting schedule limit overrides is encourage wagering on specific basketball games.

This can come in handy if there is a run on a specific game. For example, since New York isn’t playing well, both casual players and pro players may jump on any team playing against New York.

Setting a schedule limit override on all New York games should discourage action on those games.

Mass Edit

The mass edit tool can save per head agents loads of time. Time is money. An old saying is an old saying because it’s usually true.

Using the mass edit tool to create schedule limits for all players, set max betting limits on specific wagers or specific prop wagers, allows online bookies to not only save time, but to also manage their businesses.

Layoff Account

PayPerHead offers their agents the ability to lay off money wagered on sporting events. The layoff account is one of the more powerful tools available to PPH agents.

There’s also the potential for misuse with the layoff account.

Most online bookies should want to only use the layoff account when he or she must. As an example, if a bookmaker found most of the Super Bowl LI action flowing to one side of the spread to another (a player did lay $1 million on the Atlanta Falcons at +3 in Vegas), it may have been necessary to use the layoff account.

In most cases, the average sporting event, a non-Super Bowl, non-NBA Playoff game, non-NCAA Tournament game, etc., won’t require agents to utilize their layoff accounts.

The 3 per head tools described above, the mass editing tool, schedule limit override, and layoff account, are available to agents who collaborate with PayPerHead.com.

For more information, PayPerHead’s phone number is 888-978-0288. Don’t forget to ask how online bookies and per head agents can upgrade to PayPerHead’s premium software for FREE.

Start taking your business seriously and start making real money.

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