2018 ICE London Affiliate Show Vows to Treat Women With Respect

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The #MeToo movement will make its way into the online gambling affiliate sphere in three weeks with organizers of ICE London vowing to ensure a more respectful environment for women while operators and exhibiters were scrambling to clean up their acts.  This is welcome news here at Gambling911.com, a site that was the first to introduce a transgender reporter to the iGaming world way back in 2008 and has always been at the forefront of encouraging female empowerment.

While the online gambling sector has long been well represented by strong female figures, events such as ICE London often feature a more lurid late night party scene where women are often treated like pieces of meat by their male executive counterparts. 

Likewise gambling firms will be discouraged from featuring scantily clad females at this year's event, both within the exhibit hall and at parties.

Sparky Collins was introduced to the world of online gambling affiliate conferences in the Bahamas back in 2008

ICE London organizers Clarion Gaming issued this statement in regard to the new stance:

"Clarion Gaming  and  the  European  Casino  Association are  committed  to  ensuring  a  respectful representation  of all  sexes at ICE  Totally  Gaming.  In  the  spirit  of  the 21st  century  when  both women and  men  play  strategic  and  decision making  roles  in  businesses,  we  encourage  all  exhibitors  to mindfully  represent  support  staff  promoting  their  products  at  the  show in  a  non-offensive  and  non-stereotyping way."

In 2004, Gambling911.com introduced i-Gaming's first female lead reporter who snagged interviews with all the industry and top political power brokers of the day including the likes of Congressman Ron Paul, Congressman Barney Frank and even House Majority Leader Dick Armey

10Bet Girls forced to parade around exhibit space half naked while their male counterparts network in suit and ties

The entire statement was issued Saturday January 20 and can be viewed below.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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