At Least 6 States Adopt Fantasy Sports Laws; 21 Others Don't

The daily fantasy sports industry notched some wins but failed to capture a majority of states after an all-out push this year to preserve its legality amid concerns the online games amount to illegal sports betting operations.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/18/2016

PA Casinos Rake in Record Revenue

Revenue from Pennsylvania’s 12 casinos hit a record high in the just-completed fiscal year, as dollars lost by gamblers rose 3.6 percent.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/18/2016

Manipulation of Odds Accusation in CS:GO Shuffle Skin

Reports that another CS:GO skin owner was allegedly manipulating odds on his respective gambling skin while failing to disclose his ownership interest.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/18/2016

Mentally Ill Man Who Dragged Woman Around Bookie Shop Gets Suspended Sentence

A man with physical and mental issues who dragged a woman around a bookmaking shop by her coat has received a suspended prison sentence.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/18/2016

Great Britain Reaffirms Commitment to Gibraltar, Online Gambling Sector Post-Brexit

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson reaffirmed Britain's commitment to Gibraltar on Saturday and said it would fully involve the territory in its discussions with the European Union following last month's vote to leave the bloc.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/17/2016

Fox News ‘Terrorism Expert’ Lied About Being in CIA: Was Actually a Bookie

A regular on Fox News since 2002, Wayne Simmons was sentenced to 33 months in prison Friday for lying about being in the CIA and frequently appearing on that channel under the guise of a “terrorism expert”.  

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/17/2016

New eSports Gambling Platform Launches Out of Costa Rica

Breakout Gaming, the online gaming entertainment company offering poker, sports wagering, casino games, fantasy sports and other gaming options from Costa Rica will soon be launching two new platforms powered by the company’s own Breakout Coin.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/17/2016

Get Rid of Gambling, Alcohol Culture at NRL, First Openly Gay Player Says

The first openly gay NRL player, Ian Roberts, says that the rugby league’s close ties to gambling and drinking is upsetting and unacceptable. 

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/16/2016 Can Valve Realign the eSports Gambling Econsystem?

The past few months have seen a meaningful surge in coverage surrounding the betting side of the esports industry, and it hasn't been pretty, remarks Bryce Blum of 

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/15/2016

Feds and Historians Got It Wrong About Jimmy Hoffa Death

Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa was killed by Detroit mobsters 41 years ago, not those from Philadelphia and New Jersey as previously thought.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/15/2016

Many Sought Refuge in Nice Casinos During Latest Terrorist Attack

The driver of a heavy truck plowed into a crowd watching Bastille Day fireworks in the French Riviera city of Nice late on Thursday, officials said.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/14/2016

Twitch Pulls Plug on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Skin Gambling

The social video streaming site Twitch has warned its streamers not to broadcast or promote Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on its service.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/14/2016

Thieves Caught on Video Stealing Safe From Paddy Power Bookie Shop

A group of thieves dressed in black were seen using a wooden plank to load a safe stolen from a Paddy Power shop into a black van.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/14/2016

Valve Says They'll Start Cracking Down On Gambling Sites That Use Steam

Following over a week of silence when it was uncovered that two YouTubers with millions of subscribers had ownership interests in a site they repeatedly promoted without full disclosure, video game developer Valve has finally spoken out.  

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/13/2016

Best Sportsbook Betting Tips

More and more people are getting involved with the challenge and excitement of sports betting. Many of them have found that the safest and most convenient way to do their sports betting is online by going to a top rated sportsbook.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/13/2016

MGM Launches First Ever Real Money Mobile Tournaments in Vegas

MGM Resorts International (NYSE:MGM) has launched a mobile gaming platform, easyPLAY® Mobile Tournaments, the first digital and interactive tournament to be offered by a regulated casino in the United States.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/13/2016

Online Gambling in PA: Decision Will Have to Wait Until the Fall

State government began operating Tuesday under a $31 billion election-year spending bill that nevertheless lacks the tax collections to sustain it for the entire fiscal year, and lawmakers say they are scrambling to fix that before it draws a lawsuit or bond downgrade.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/12/2016

Five Indicted for Running New York City Sports Betting Ring

Five Indicted for Running New York City Sports Betting Ring

The Queens DA office has announced the indictment of five individuals charged with enterprise corruption – a violation of the New York State Organized Crime Control Act – and 1st Degree Promotion of Gambling.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/12/2016

Rob Gronkowski to Take Part in First Ever DraftKings ‘Fantasy Sports Fest’

DraftKings on Tuesday announced it will host the first ever “Fantasy Sports Fest” at Gillette Stadium this August (exact dates not immediately known at the time this was going to press). 

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/12/2016

Bookmakers Slash Odds on Obama UFO Disclosures

Stephen Bassett's advice on what reporters should be asking their Government and Prime Ministers representatives.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/12/2016

Rocket League Not Interested in Gambling Amidst Recent Scandals

An upcoming Rocket League update is set to introduce a new loot system that practically mimics that of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) whereby players will be able to purchase keys to unlock random drop crates containing cosmetic items.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/11/2016

Gambling Primates Steer Towards High Risk Big Win Choices, Study Reveals

A study, conducted by Professor Wolfram Schultz at the University of Cambridge and his team, discovered that when food is introduced, monkeys are able to weigh up the choices they face and even show mild risk-taking behavior. 

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/11/2016

Sports Betting 'Tsunami' Leaving Young Lives in Ruins

ABC Australia this past weekend featured a scathing report on the lives of young men “left in ruinsfrom sports betting.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/11/2016

PA Governor Allows Spending Plan With Online Gambling Measure Into Law

In an unexpected move that immediately raised a host of legal questions, Gov. Wolf said on Sunday that he will allow the $31.5 billion spending plan the legislature has sent him to become law - even though there is no plan for how to pay for it.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/10/2016

PA Lawmakers Meet Sunday: Legalized Online Poker Fate to be Determined

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives will return for an unusual weekend session as Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and lawmakers face big budget decisions.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/10/2016

Five Year Old Girl Ran Messages to Italy’s Top Mafia Boss

A five-year-old girl was utilized to run secret messages (handwritten notes known as “pizzini”) for Italy’s most wanted and – at the time of his disappearance - most powerful mob boss, Matteo Messina Denaro.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/10/2016

Virtual Assault Rifles, Minors and Online Gambling Perfect Together

Welcome to the new unregulated Wild West world of online gambling, one that features, among other things, virtual assault rifles.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/09/2016

Forbes: ’Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ Gambling Scandal ‘Beyond Contempt’

Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin and Tom ‘ProSyndicate’ Cassell, the two YouTubers behind the scandal, have run a long-con, willfully, gleefully scamming their own fans—many of whom are just kids—and then dodging accountability after the fact....

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/08/2016

Delaware DOJ Declares Daily Fantasy Sports Illegal in That State

Delaware DOJ Declares Daily Fantasy Sports Illegal in That State

The Delaware Department of Justice announced Friday that real cash Daily Fantasy Sports sites have officially been ordered to cease operations in that state. 

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/08/2016

63 Page Forfeiture Request Submitted in Legends Sports Case

US Attorney Mark A. Yancey submitted a 63 page forfeiture request last week against Legends Sports founder Bartice “Luke” King and six other individuals as well as the business itself.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/08/2016

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Pete Rose Petitions for Hall of Fame Eligibility

Pete Rose is appealing directly to baseball’s Hall of Fame to restore his eligibility, arguing the lifetime ban he agreed to in 1989 should not interfere

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Euro Books Claims Clinton Clearly Debate Winner: 8 Point Shift

Euro Books Claims Clinton Clearly Won Debate: 8 Point Shift

European wagering outlets are on board with Clinton as the winner and, indeed, the markets shifted from 63 percent to 69 percent immediately following the record-setting television showdown.