Broncos Player Quinton Carter Faces Felony in Alleged Casino Cheating

Denver Broncos safety Quinton Carter is facing felony charges after the Texas Station Casino in Las Vegas accused him of adding a $5 chip to three bets after the dice already rolled.  Video surveillance apparently captured the event.


A spokesperson for the team told the Associated Press the Broncos are investigating the matter.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Mar/20/2013

Online Gambling Payment Processor Neteller Plots US Re-Entry

Optimal Payments anticipates at least 10 states legalizing Internet gambling in the US to legalize the activity over the coming year.


Optimal Payments may not ring a bell for gamblers.  But this is the former Neteller, a third party payment solutions company that until January 2007 had operated in the USA and was once considered the “PayPal of Online Gambling”.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Mar/19/2013

A Glimpse Into How Interstate Online Gambling Will Work

The Nevada Gaming Commission this week filed a “Request for Comment” as it relates to how “regulations concerning interstate agreements for interactive gaming” should work as the Silver State looks to begin offering online poker to those beyond its borders. 

Last month, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed Assembly Bill 114 into law that would allow his state to form compacts with other states utilizing a model similar to that of the Lottery System’s Powerball game. 

Here were the primary focus questions:

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Mar/19/2013

Taiwan Bookies Take Bets on When Cancer Patients Will Die: Inside Wagering

Talk about sick!  Some worldwide bookies have no scruples and will take bets on just about anything.


Case in point.

Taiwan bookies have shockingly begun taking wagers on when cancer patients will ultimately kick the bucket.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Mar/19/2013

Fantasy Sports Betting in Atlantic City Casinos Will Not Constitute Gambling

The Press of Atlantic City’s Hoa Nguyen has confirmed that New Jersey’s allowance of fantasy sports betting in the gambling town’s casinos will not constitute “gambling”.

Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, Mar/18/2013

No More Internet Cafes in Florida Following Gambling Arrests: Senate OK

(Associated Press) - A Senate panel has cleared its version of a ban on the Florida gambling establishments commonly known as Internet cafes.

The Senate committee on gaming Monday voted 11-0 on the bill (SB 1030) that started as a moratorium and evolved into an outright ban.

The vote follows a House committee's clearing of its own bill banning internet cafes on Friday.

Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll resigned last week in the wake of an investigation into the Allied Veterans of the World charity that was suspected of running illegal gambling.

Submitted by Associated Press on, Mar/18/2013

Louisiana Latest US State to Consider Legalized Online Gambling

Louisiana Rep. Mike Huval wants his state to look further into the prospects of offering legalized online gambling.


Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, Mar/18/2013

Lebron James’ ‘Crooked Rabbi’... Israeli Mafia and Charlie Sheen

While TMZ recently exclusively reported that NBA superstar Lebron James has sent out invites for his wedding and it is set for the holiest Jewish day of the year, Yom Kippur –  his Jewish Rabbi wont be able to attend, and maybe that's why he scheduled for that day.

Submitted by Tyrone Black on, Mar/17/2013

NJ to Let Casinos Accept Bets on Fantasy Teams

(Associated Press) - Peyton Manning's touchdown passes, Adrian Peterson's first downs and Darrelle Revis' interceptions could combine to make someone rich this fall.


New Jersey is allowing casinos in Atlantic City to offer fantasy sports betting in a pilot program that will be announced Monday.

Submitted by Associated Press on, Mar/16/2013

Illinois Internet Gambling Bill ‘Bad Actor’ Clause Softened

Illinois in its quest to legalize Internet gambling has soften its “bad actor” clause that would have prevented companies that have accepted wagers in the US over the past six years from obtaining a license in the state.

Previous wording for Senate Bill 1739 contained the following wording:

“No Internet gaming license shall be granted to any applicant who has accepted wagers via the Internet in contravention of this Section or United States law in the 10 years preceding the application date.”

Submitted by Ace King on, Mar/15/2013

Florida Gambling Arrests May Shut Down Veterans Shelter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Associated Press) — A former Army cook who fell on hard times, Debbie Bowman  has been living at the Allied Veterans Center,  a shelter for homeless veterans, since August.

Submitted by Associated Press on, Mar/15/2013

Floyd Mayweather Jr Claims NFL Replacement Refs Cost Him $900k Gambling

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. lost around $900,000 gambling on NFL games and he blames the early season replacement referees.


Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Mar/14/2013

Florida Legislature Move to Ban Internet Cafes Following Gambling Scandal

(Reuters) - The resignation of Florida's lieutenant governor, Jennifer Carroll, and the arrests of 57 people charged with money laundering and racketeering has sparked a stampede in the state legislature to shut down hundreds of "internet cafes," whose online gambling operations have been allowed to skirt the law for several years.

Submitted by Reuters on, Mar/14/2013

Florida Lieutenant Governor Resigns Amidst Internet Cafe Gambling Probe

(Reuters) - Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll abruptly resigned because an Internet cafe company she once consulted for has been linked to illegal gambling, state officials said on Wednesday.


Submitted by Reuters on, Mar/13/2013

Intrade Irregularities Raise Eyebrows: CEO Paid Millions at Time of Death’s abrupt closure this week has provided the online gambling industry with yet another black eye.  The darling of mainstream media, Intrade cited “accounting irregularities” for the shutdown.


Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Mar/13/2013

British Footballer Kris Newby Accused of Stealing $17k for Gambling Habit

A British footballer has been accused of stealing $17,000 from his fiancée to fuel his gambling habit.

Lacey Maclean tweeted that 25-year-old Kris Newby, a footballer with East Thurrock United FC, stole money and jewelry less than two months after he proposed.

"The man was I was gonna marry has ---- me…Taken all my money..Savings and jewellery x," she wrote on March 10.

"Kris Newby is a liar --- gambler. He has taken over £12000 of my money n jewellery be aware #itsthetruth."

Submitted by Alistair Prescott on, Mar/12/2013

Atlantic City Revenue Down 12.5 Percent in February

(Associated Press) - Atlantic City's casinos took in 12.5 percent less from gamblers in February than they did a year ago.

Figures released Monday by the state Division of Gaming Enforcement show the city's 12 casinos took in $212.3 million.

The decline was helped by the fact that 2012 was a leap year in which February had 29 days, compared with the usual 28 this year.

Revel, the city's newest casino which will file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition this month, saw revenue rise to $9 million, up from $7.9 million in January.

Submitted by Associated Press on, Mar/11/2013

Intrade Shuts Down: Online Gambling Firm Fell on Bad Times

Troubled Dublin-based betting site has shut its doors.


Customers Monday were greeted with the following message upon landing on the website:

With sincere regret we must inform you that due to circumstances recently discovered we must immediately cease trading activity on

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Mar/11/2013

Nevada Gambling Revenue Down 12.5 Percent in January

CARSON CITY, Nev. —(Associated Press) - State officials say Nevada gambling revenue was down 12.5 percent in January, while state collections went up that month.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board reports casinos brought in $909 million in January.

The $507 million in winnings on the Las Vegas Strip were down nearly 19 percent in January, while downtown Las Vegas revenues of about $45 million were down 5 percent.

Casinos in Washoe County won nearly $53 million, which is down 2 percent from the same month a year ago.

Submitted by Associated Press on, Mar/08/2013

Malta the Next Macau of the Mediterranean

It is already a major hub for online gambling sites.  Now Seeking Alpha’s Jonathan Yates has pondered the idea of Malta becoming the “Macau of the Mediterranean”. 


Macua is the largest gambling destination in the world and Yates believes Malta has the potential to some day achieve that coveted position, at least where the Mediterranean region is concerned.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Mar/07/2013

RCMP Releases Names of Those Charged in Platinum SB Gambling Probe

As the result of an on-going illegal gaming investigation, the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) has charged the following individuals with the offences of Commit a Criminal Offence for the Benefit of a Criminal Organization and Conspiracy to Commit the Indictable Offence of Engage in Bookmaking

Submitted by Press Release on, Mar/07/2013

Illinois Latest State to Consider Legalizing Online Gambling

New legislation, approved by the Illinois Senate Subcommittee, is looking to legalize online gambling.

The bill includes expansion of the state’s brick and mortar casinos, including the addition of a casino in Chicago.

Governor Pat Quinn said he would welcome expansion of gambling “under certain conditions”.

Submitted by Ace King on, Mar/07/2013

NCAA Lifts Ban on Games Played in New Jersey

The NCAA has lifted a ban on games played in New Jersey following a judge’s ruling that the state cannot allow legalized sports betting.  Governor Chris Christie has vowed to appeal that ruling, however.


The NCAA had cancelled a series of championship games that were to be played in the Garden State this past year.

Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, Mar/07/2013

888 Holdings Approved for Nevada License

(Reuters) - European online gaming operator 888 Holdings Plc cleared a key hurdle in its return to a reopening, regulated U.S. online poker market after the Nevada Gaming Control Board voted to recommend approval of its application for a state interactive gaming license at a hearing scheduled for March 21.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board on Wednesday said it recommended the approval of Gibraltar-based 888's applications, including one as a manufacturer of an interactive gaming system, one as a distributor and another as an interactive gaming service provider.

Submitted by Reuters on, Mar/07/2013

Names of Those Arrested in Platinum SB Probe Yet to be Released

Though the RCMP announced it would be identifying those arrested Tuesday March 5, 2013 in connection with a massive bookmaking operation in the Ontario region today, this was yet to occur as of Wednesday evening.   

Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, Mar/06/2013

Ex-Texas Attorney Gets 10 years for Theft to Support Gambling Addiction

NEW BOSTON, Texas (Associated Press) — A former lawyer in Texas and Arkansas who allegedly had a gambling problem must serve 10 years in prison for stealing nearly $250,000 from clients.

The Texarkana Gazette reports 65-year-old Don Cooksey was taken into custody Tuesday following sentencing in New Boston.

Submitted by Associated Press on, Mar/06/2013

18 More Arrests Made in Connection With Platinum Sportsbook Probe

The RCMP arrested another 18 individuals in connection with an ongoing case tied to Web-based sports betting operator Platinum Sportsbook (or Platinum SB). 

Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, Mar/05/2013

RCMP to Release More Info on Platinum Sportsbook in Wake of Super Bowl Raid

The RCMP were expected to release information pertaining to Platinum Sportsbook following a much publicized raid during a Super Bowl party last month. 

Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, Mar/05/2013

Attorney General Seeks Removal of Judge in VictoryLand Case

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (Associated Press) — Alabama's attorney general is asking a Macon County judge to step aside from a case involving the seizure of 1,615 gambling machines and more than $223,000 in cash from VictoryLand casino in Shorter.

Attorney General Luther Strange filed court papers telling Circuit Judge Tom Young Jr. he should recuse himself because he's prejudiced against the state's evidence.

Submitted by Associated Press on, Mar/04/2013

Illinois Governor Vetoes Gambling Expansion Legislation

CHICAGO —(Associated Press) -  Gov. Pat Quinn has vetoed a piece of old gambling legislation that would have added five new casinos and more slot machines.

This was lawmakers' 2011 attempt, but it didn't go to Quinn's desk until the end of session in January. Quinn had opposed the bill, saying it didn't contain enough ethical protections. He vetoed it today.

Submitted by Associated Press on, Mar/04/2013

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Arizona’s Tohono O’odham Nation Finally Starts Construction Of Casino

Arizona’s Tohono O’odham Nation Finally Starts Construction Of Casino

The Arizona casino industry is set to expand.  Above all, This will happen after the completion of the construction of Tohono O’odham Nation gaming facility. 

The Scoop on Progressive Slot Machines

The Scoop on Progressive Slot Machines

There are two basic types of slot machine jackpots aside from online slots. The first type is the old school slot machines where the jackpot was listed right on the slot machine glass permanently and was almost always three or five 7's, depending on how many reels there were.

Tobey Maguire a ‘Royal Jerk at Poker Table’, Told Hostess to ‘Bark Like a Seal’

“Molly’s Game”, the new memoire from the so-called “Poker Princess” Molly Bloom, arrived in bookstores Thursday (June 12, 2014) and it’s not without its juicy tidbits blasting the likes of “Spider-Man” actor Tobey Maguire.