State of Kentucky Crashes Party For PartyGaming

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PartyGaming wants so desperately to enter the U.S. market once federal online poker legislation passes.  The Commonwealth of Kentucky was probably not in the cards when it came to those grandiose plans however.

Gambling911.com reported exclusively Wednesday night regarding PartyGaming being added (by name) to a lawsuit already filed by the Commonwealth claiming it illegally targeted Kentucky residents.

Gambling911.com has learned that legal counsel for the Commonwealth, Hurt, Crosbie & May, sent a letter to Mr. Jim Ryan, CEO of PartyGaming, notifying of the pending lawsuit.

The letter, which Gambling911.com finally obtained after hours of tireless effort, addresses Party’s targeting of state residents during the period August 5, 2005 through October 13, 2006. 

“Under Kentucky law, those transactions are void and the Commonwealth is entitled to recover triple the amount lost by Kentucky residents.”

On the Commonwealth’s Motion, the Franklin Circuit Court ordered the First Amendment Complaint filed of record on Wednesday. 

Party has been working with federal authorities in the U.S. to satisfy past activities including the payment of fines, however, individual states are showing their willingness to seek damages as well. 

The state of Louisiana has gone as far as to issue arrest warrants against various online gambling operators. 

Here is page one of the complaint:


Click here to read the entire 22 complaint file (PDF format)

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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