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Sheikh Deal With Gambling Firm Could Be Seen As Defying Islam

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Thani Malaga
New Malaga FC owner Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Thani of Qatar may decide to keep the United Kingdom’s number two biggest bookmaker and gambling house on as a team sponsor after all, though the odds of this happening are seen as rather slim.

Costa Rica President Defends US Marines Presence: Online Gambling Operators Balk

US Marines Costa Rica
Online gambling operators in the Central American nation of Costa Rica expressed little concern over the 7000 US Marines deployed there to deal with the escalating drug crisis.

Bookies Spared $75 Mil Payout With England World Cup Exit

England World Cup
Not everyone in England was upset about their team getting eliminated so quickly Sunday in the knockout round of the 2010 FIFA World Cup vs. Germany. Bookmakers were the only one’s celebrating though.

William Hill Honors Frank Lampard ‘Goal’

Frank Lampard Disallowed Goal
Great Britain's second largest bookmaker, William Hill, is paying out to their customers who bet on Frank Lampard scoring against Germany after his goal was ruled out by the linesman and referee. The bookies estimate the payout will cost them a six figure sum.

England Germany World Cup Game: A Bookie’s Treat

England Germany World Cup
As long as England hangs around, the online bookmakers across the UK will make out dearly but an England - Germany draw will be the icing on the cake

Some World Sports Exchange Players Getting Checks

There is some glimmer of hope on the World Sports Exchange front. The online sportsbook, one of the first to come online in fact, has begun to send out a series of payouts this past week according to various reports. World Sports Exchange has taken 6 months or longer to make payouts in some cases.

Sports Betting Site Pays Out $150,000 Parlay

Sports Betting
A lucky customer of the online sports betting website just won a whopping $150,000 on a most unusual parlay.

Bookies Making a Killing With England “Flop” in World Cup

England’s poor performance has resulted in huge revenues for the English bookmakers.

World Sports Exchange Poker Down To 10 Cash Players

World Poker Exchange
As reported by this past week, troubled World Sports Exchange’s online poker room (World Poker Exchange) is rapidly losing players. Just how bad is the situation? They have witnessed a 50 percent decline over last year and the site was down to an average of just 10 cash players.

England Football Club Owner’s Son Has Near $1 Mil Gambling Debts

The son of a Top 4 England Premiership football club owner is a deadbeat, so claims intermediaries working on behalf of a Costa Rican-based online sportsbook looking to collect funds owed.

Spain World Cup Loss Has Bookies Smiling

Spain World Cup Loss
With Wednesday’s upset of Spain in the 2010 World Cup versus Switzerland, the bookies both in the UK and online are preparing to celebrate.

Bookies Happy Over Robert Green Gaffe: England Draw

Robert Green
With most of the country probably backing England to win their World Cup match against the USA, British bookies could certainly breathe a sigh of relief for the England draw. They may be the only one’s smiling in Great Britain.

USA vs. England World Cup Betting Brisk

A review of the USA vs. England World Cup betting activity by suggests brisk action coming in throughout the overnight and early morning hours.

Senate Committee Approves New Jersey Online Gambling

State senators took the first step toward allowingInternet-based gaming in New Jersey today, releasing a bill fromcommittee that would allow casinos to build online portals forpoker, blackjack and many other games.

D Day for Online Gambling? UIGEA Takes Effect

Online Gambling UIGEA
June 1, 2010 marks the day that the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) finally goes into effect after passing as an attachment to a Port Security Act in October 2006.

Bet911 Five Minutes of Fame Over: Book is Insolvent

A small and poorly capitalized online sportsbook appears close to shutting down., which quite obviously attempted to capitalize on the name but was never permitted to advertise on this website, now claims they have insufficient funds to pay players.

William Hill to Bid for Centrebet

The United Kingdom’s second largest bookmaker, William Hill, is looking to acquire Australia’s second largest privately held bookmaker, Centrebet.

Kentucky Derby 2010: Betting Off to Brisk Start

Kentucky Derby 2010 betting officially kicked off Wednesday following the noon time post position announcements. Trafficwise, reported a few thousand more unique visitors over last year and around the same number of page views and overall hits.

Jay Cohen The Jimmy Swaggart of Online Gambling?

The slow payments at once highly regarded World Sports Exchange ( continued this week. Players requesting information from the troubled wagering establishment out of Antigua were for the most part ignored. News also broke this week that had stopped making transfers with World Sports Exchange.

Costa Rica Government Will Become Bookie for Soccer

AM Costa Rica is reporting that the Costa Rican government is set to enter the bookmaker business, just in time for the 2010 World Cup.

Online Sportsbooks Mean Big Business For Online Poker

Some in the online poker community choose to brandish sports betting as “shady” and “not as important in the whole scheme of things” when it comes to the online gambling sector.

Costa Rican Sportsbooks Respond to Recent Arrests

Though 36 arrests on United States soil this week rattled the online gaming industry, operations are continuing as normal in Costa Rica.

Betting on 2010 Masters Breaks Records

Betting on 2010 Masters
Betting on the 2010 Masters traffic has been brisk at, though it can hardly be seen as rivaling that of the Super Bowl or Oscars (or the upcoming Kentucky Derby for that matter)

Jazz Sportsbook Caught Up in $178M Online Gambling Sting

Jazz Sportsbook
A popular Costa Rican based online sports betting company, Jazz Sportsbook, has been implicated in an alleged $178M sting led by Queens District Attorney Richard Brown as part of a three year investigation into illegal bookmaking.

Joe Jennings Bookmakers Bans Punter for £1000 Win

A British punter (gambler) is claiming he was tossed from Essex bookmaker Joe Jennings after winning a measly £1000.
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