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Former English Sports Betting Boss Now Training to Preach

English Sports Betting
A popular TV show called "Where Are They Now?" tracked down people who were famous years ago to find out what became of them.

Did NFL Apply Pressure On CBS Not To Mention Billy Walters Piece?

Billy Walters
Noticeably absent from the Jets-Patriots NFL game late Sunday afternoon was CBS’ promotion of a segment on famed sports bettor Billy Walters.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Las Vegas Bookies Crushed By Packers Win

Las Vegas bookmakers were big losers over the weekend thanks to the Green Bay Packers win over Philadelphia to advance in the Playoffs.

Vegas Sportsbooks Were Hoping For Colts-Falcons Super Bowl

Colts-Falcons Super Bowl
"I’m rooting for the Colts," Director of the MGM Resorts race and sports book, Jay Rood, told the Los Angeles Times.

Slow Paying WSEX Gets More Exposure On CNBC

CNBC puts out some of the best original programming when it comes to business and industry.

XL Bet Shuts Down, Stiffs Players

XL Bet
An obscure online sports betting website, XL Bet, has closed its doors for good, stiffing customers in the process.

Bwin and PartyGaming Will Remain As Separate Brands After Merger

Bwin, PartyGaming Merger
bwin, and the 4th largest online poker room in the world, PartyGaming, have announced they will retain their brand names post-merger.

William Hill Shutting Stores, Paddy Power Big Hiring Plans

Paddy Power
Just as the United Kingdom’s second largest bookmaker, William Hill, plans to downsize a bit, the country’s third largest, Paddy Power, expects to begin hiring a few hundred people in the coming year.

BetonSports Number 3 Cuts Deal With US Government

Norman Steinberg (AKA Tom Miller) has received a 3-year suspended sentence for his role as the number 3 man in BetOnSports,

Betfair Shares Plummet 22 Percent Post-IPO

It was a celebratory mood days following the IPO of Betfair.  The world’s biggest online betting exchange went public back in October. 

Carrie Stroup Red-Faced After Bookie Bludgeoning Senior Reporter Carrie Stroup provides some of the best information on the Net when it comes to public betting activity and critical game trends.

Eremian Brother Wants To Become Professional Gambler In Vegas

Daniel Eremian stated in a court affidavit, “I am a professional gambler and have filed tax returns stating as much.

Costa Rica: Mudslides Ravage Nation

Costa Rica Mudslides
The Central American nation of Costa Rica has been hit by mudslides, claiming the lives of some 23 people. 

Landslides Claim At Least 20 Lives in Online Gambling Haven Of Costa Rica

20 people are confirmed dead and another 10 are missing in landslides that occurred in Escazu, Costa Rica Thursday. 

San Francisco Giants World Series Win Odds Pay Out 30/1

San Francisco Giants World Series Win
The San Francisco Giants World Series win paid out $3000 for anyone who bet $100 on the team prior to the season’s start. 

Online Sportsbook Complaints For Last Week of October 2010

A series of online sportsbook complaints occurring across the World Wide Web are being monitored by the final week of October 2010.

Advice for Agents – Precautions When Using a Cell Phone

  Agents are probably some of the most cautious people on Earth. Experience tells them that confidentiality and security are two of the most important values to keep a bookmaking job.

Betsson Latest Online Gambling Firm Sees Huge 3rd Quarter Results

The Swedish online gambling firm Betsson has reported a 22 percent increase in revenues for the 3rd quarter of 2010

Gambling Shares A Beacon in Tough Economy

Gambling Shares
  While there continue to be few bright spots in the world economy, gambling shares both online and in the Asian gaming Mecca of Macau, continued to defy the trends.

Betfair Shares Start Off Strong

  Betfair’s listing on the London Stock Exchange this past Thursday started off with a bang. 

William Hill 3rd Quarter Revenue for 2010 Way Up

William Hill
The United Kingdom’s second largest bookmaker, William Hill, reported a rise of 22% operating profit during the 3rd quarter of 2010.
Oct 21 2010 - 10:58am

Online Sportsbooks Get Beaten Badly in Week 6 of NFL: Eagles Save Day

Online Sportsbooks
  The online sportsbooks and Las Vegas shops lost badly this past weekend with some of the more heavily bet on teams covering. 
Oct 19 2010 - 9:53am

Former Spokesperson Brook Burke in Legal Trouble

Brooke Burke
The former spokeswoman for the online gambling site and judge on Dancing With The Stars, Brooke Burke, has been named in a lawsuit that alleges she and her live-in boyfriend received stolen property. 
Oct 14 2010 - 9:13pm

Probe Into Wife’s Online Gambling Affiliation Affect on Tierney Campaign Unclear

John Tierney
The Massachusetts U.S. rep whose wife was indicted last week on charges of managing an online gambling company’s banking account may not suffer any repercussions 
Oct 11 2010 - 5:20pm

Why Some Politicians Don’t Like Bookies?

A lot has been discussed in different online betting forums about gambling legislation
Oct 7 2010 - 8:33pm
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