Postcard From Paris as Gambling Lawyer Takes Deserved Break

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What can be more romantic than beautiful Paris, France?  Having an American couple renew their vows there on the heels of a huge win against the state of Kentucky.  While Gambling911.com often presents stories of sleazy sex, Jenny Woo and fly-by-night love encounters with our insatiable Cuban transgender entertainment reporter, Sparky Collins, every now and then we bring you a heart tugging true love experience. 

Edward Leyden, General Counsel for The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association  - www.imega.org - finally gets to take that trip to Paris he and his wife of several decades had been planning to take this past fall until Kentucky happened.  

That's when the commonwealth, led by Governor Steve Beshear, decided they wanted to seize 141 online gambling domain names.  They almost achieved that goal, winning a circuit court decision.  But it was Leyden's around-the-clock work ethic and ability to take the reigns that allowed for an expedient appeal.  The result - a 2 to 1 decision in the Kentucky Appeals Court favoring online gambling's right to exist without the censorship of state officials.

Judge Michelle M. Keller, in her majority opinion, found that Internet domain names for online gambling Web sites were not illegal "gambling devices" by Kentucky law, as had been claimed by attorneys representing the Commonwealth, in their attempt to seize control of the names from their owners. Judge Keller stated that while the Kentucky legislature could have chosen to include Internet domain names in its gambling devices law, it had not, therefore the Commonwealth could not rightfully proceed with its forfeiture action.

"[I]t stretches credulity to conclude that a series of numbers, or Internet address, can be said to constitute a "machine or any mechanical or other device...designed and manufactured primarily for use in connection with gambling," Judge Keller wrote. "We are thus convinced that the trial court clearly erred in concluding that the domain names can be construed to be gambling devices."

Judge Jeff S. Taylor, also writing for the majority, added that the Commonwealth could not seek a civil forfeiture based on a criminal statute when there had been no criminal proceeding. Since there had been no criminal proceeding or conviction against any of the Internet domain name owners, the Commonwealth could not take control of their property.

While in Paris, Leyden and his lovely wife renewed their vows in front of the Eiffel Tower before a crowd of French people shouting "Obama...Obama...Obama".   Leyden even tried a little French:  "Bonjourno!  Comment êtes-vous ? Mon nom Est Ed. Aimeriez-vous voir mon rapport Calvin Klein d'amicus briefs?"

That was the last Ed tried to speak French to a petite femme. 

He then brought his wife to the fabulous Le Grand Véfour, which Leyden kept pronouncing "La Grand Vee Four" because he is from Philadelphia. 

There the two indulged in chef Guy Martin's succulent cuisine of  Ravioles de foie gras a l'emulsion de crème truffée - or as Leyden referred to it as:  Ravioli in foy grass with creamy emulsions.  They started off with a playful carrot and cumin soup.  We won't go there, but it does help the eyes.

An embarrassing moment did occur when Ed (being Irish) asked his waiter for a pint of Guiness.  The waiter scoffed.   

Like all good lawyers, Ed retired to his American chain hotel before 10 pm.

Hey, it's not Frankfurt, Kentucky...but why not settle for the next best thing.

Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor

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