Pay Per Head for Dummies

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Don Shapiro
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Pay Per Head for Dummies

Gamblilng911.com looks at the benefits of using a Pay Per Head this football season and year round for that matter.

Local Bookie: There are late games?  I won’t be around to offer them.  Soccer? I don’t know those teams.

Pay Per Head: We offer lines on every college football game and nearly every worldwide soccer game.

Local Bookie: Live wagering and in-progress betting?  I will be watching the game myself.  You think I have time for that?

Pay Per Head: We will take action on most nationally televised games, every minute, and every play, right up until the end.

Local Bookie:  A website?  Don’t you have a cell phone you can use?

Pay Per Head: Customized website for your players with their own secure login and password.

Local Bookie: 24-7 service?  You know I have to sleep and tomorrow I’m taking my kids to the amusement park.

Pay Per Head: Yeah we offer that.

Local Bookie: Casino games, poker?  There is a casino 30 miles away Guy.

Pay Per Head: Play online with your buddies, all casino games, most poker games.

Local Bookie: I will grade the bets later or some time tomorrow, just remind me if you don’t hear back in a few days.

Pay Per Head: Grading of games is right after they are over.

Local Bookie: You are killing me with your bets.

Pay Per Head: Sharp lines and monitoring will ensure your players don’t take you for a ride.

Local Bookie: This wire room and having to pay these kids to take wagers.

Pay Per Head: We do it all and much better starting at just $10 per person weekly and you are saving money by improving your profit margin with live betting and casino games along with other loss leaders that reduces losses.

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- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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