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Floyd Mayweather Jr Bets $10 Million on Broncos to Win Super Bowl: Fact or Fiction

Floyd Mayweather Jr Bets $10 Million on Broncos to Win Super Bowl:  Fact or Fict

Over the past year there have been numerous stories about boxer Floyd Mayweather wagering insane amounts of money on games including a $5.9 million bet on the Miami Heat to win in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.  That story never quite proved to be factual.

It is a fact, however, that Mayweather bets big at Las Vegas casinos.  He’s said it himself and backed up such assertions with wagering tickets as proof via Instagram.

Now comes word that the “Pretty Boy” has plopped down $10 million on the Denver Broncos to win Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Are we at buying it? 

While it’s true that the Vegas books won’t accept this big a bet, rumor on the Web via a Twitter message suggests Mayweather placed the wager over seven different books. was seeking verification but, for the time being, file this one under “Suspect”.

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- Tyrone Black,   


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