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7 Reasons Why Our US Online Casino Ratings and Rankings are Accurate

There is a ton of information on the Internet today for just about anything imaginable, but when you are looking legitimate answers you need to turn to the sources you can trust. For anyone who loves to play the best online slots for real money at the best American mobile gambling sites, they know that is the site to turn to.


Submitted by Payton on, Feb/03/2016

Finally A Casino Ranking Site Based on User FeedBack is a online and mobile casino review website. We rate and rank real money online and mobilecasinos based on the feedback that we received from our readers. We also work close with online gambling forums like the Gambling Portal Webmaster Association (GPWA) and the Affiliate Guard Dog, who audits the online casinos on a regular basis.

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Royal Vegas Casino Review

There's nothing quite like enjoying the thrill of the casino while in your comfy robe and slippers. The problem is there is a wide variety of the sites on the internet that boast lucrative bonuses and promotions. But they don't all offer players the same quality, whether we are talking about game selection, payouts, promotions, etc., and it can be hard to weed out the good from the bad.

To make things easier for you, consider this Royal Vegas Casino Review:

Submitted by Payton on, Dec/15/2015

New Game at Wizard of Odds Gives Blackjack Card Counters an Edge

Players looking for an edge against the house can hone their skills online, thanks to a new blackjack game developed exclusively for the Wizard of Odds website. The new software loads directly into your browser and is highly customizable, giving players the chance to learn to adapt for any situation that can be experienced at a land casino.

Submitted by Payton on, Nov/25/2015

Vegas Palm Casino Review: What You Need to Know

Have you ever tried online gambling? Are you interested in giving it a go? Online gambling is a fun way to pass the time and you get a chance to win extra money to use in any way that you wish. How can you beat that?

The problem is, with so many choices available, how do you decide which you should try? Well, look no further, today we will be discussing the Vegas Palms Casino to Canadian online casino help you decide.

Submitted by Payton on, Nov/25/2015

A Study Demonstrates that Online Casinos with Poker Rooms Are Safer

The latest research shows that those online casinos that also have a poker room on the same site, i.e. an option to play poker games against real players, are more reliable and trustworthy than sites that only offer casino games. They pay faster, have more language and currency options, lower non-payment risk, higher payout limits, and overall player experiences with them are more positive.

Submitted by Payton on, Oct/23/2015

UK Veteran Strikes it Big With Record-Setting Mega Moolah Jackpot Win

This month lady luck smiled upon a 26 year old UK man, who ended up winning the Microgaming Mega Moolah progressive jackpot for a record-setting £13,213,838.68 (which translates to €17,879,645.12), the largestprogressive jackpot ever won online.

Submitted by Payton on, Oct/16/2015

Wizard of Vegas Posts Guide to Beating Club World Promotion

Online gambling information site Wizard of Vegas has posted a guide that gives players the upper hand in beating Club World Casino’s introductory deposit match bonuses. The guide explains that the casino’s introductory bonus is really two different promotions that allows players to select one for their personal use.

Submitted by Payton on, Oct/14/2015

Online Casino Wagering

The online gaming world is still new and unknown to many players. For this reason many are afraid to try the games as they don’t know how it works. With so many different games available and the options they offer, it may be strange, but it’s definitely worth finding out and giving it a try. The games are easier than land based games and give you more features. The online casinos give you the options to get funds into your account hassle free. In this article players will discover how easy it is to make deposits and how wagering works.


Submitted by Payton on, Sep/02/2015

The Rise of Mobile Casinos and an Increase in Specific Mobile Casino Bonus Offers

The rise of mobile and tablet has been phenomenal over the past few years, with a progressive uplift in mobile search traffic it’s imperative that online casinos ensure their websites are mobile-friendly to cater for users on these devices. In May, Google officially announced that mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches. The risk of not doing so means a poor user experience and visitors leaving websites, generating high exit rates and ineffective usability. Mobile casinos allow players to gamble on the go and it’s extremely convenient when you want to play remotely.

Submitted by Payton on, Sep/01/2015

LCB Forum Community Hits 75K Members has accomplished a series of firsts over the years but breaking 75,000 members is among its proudest moments. The casino affiliate site launched in 2006 and has since created a massive amount of content including online casino, software and slot reviews, no deposit codes, banking information, editorials, blogs,guides, free games and much more.

Submitted by Payton on, Aug/31/2015

How to Profit From Football Betting

How to Profit From Football Betting

Football is most popular game in the world and with the time football betting has also become very popular and admired by large number of people. The reason is that football betting gives the bettor an opportunity to make lot of money. Numerous types of football betting options are available to the football lovers nowadays. Football betting provides with fun and excitement to the bettors as they can make lot of money in an easy way.

Submitted by Payton on, Aug/24/2015

The evolution of Mobile Casinos

It may surprise you to learn that mobile casinos have been around for well over a decade now, however with the way in which mobile phones and tablet devices have been evolving over the years the mobile casino gaming platforms that are now available have changed from all recognition compared to those original mobile gaming platforms.


Submitted by Payton on, Aug/06/2015

The History of Online Casinos

Online casinos has been around for years, but from there we have come a long way to its current sophisticated level, where the standard of industry is measured in terms of social gambling, mobile accessibility and huge jackpots. Today online casinos allow everything to wager through clients.

In todays online casinos, Novelty and cultural betting are the new terms and on the rise.

Submitted by Payton on, Jul/21/2015

Casino Listings Jackpot Tracker First to Record Huge Jackpot Wins

Online betting information site Casino Listings had a busy weekend, as its exclusive progressive jackpot tracker recorded three huge progressive wins worth more than $6 million. The first of the large jackpot wins was taken by a punter named Hilton at bgo Casino.

Submitted by Payton on, Jul/16/2015

LCB Brings Awareness to Gamblers with 2 New News Sections

Educating players is one of the main focuses of LCB. A smart gambler is a happy gambler and bringing the latest developments in the Casino industry is an important aspect of the site. Casino Warnings and Predatory Terms.

Submitted by Payton on, Jul/02/2015

Will a Pay Per Head Charge Me For Customers Who Don’t Bet During a Week?

( Q&A) – A lot of Pay Per Head companies do charge per customer (or per head) even if a particular individual does not place a bet during a particular week.  For obvious reasons, this could prove painful during slow seasons where sports bettors tend to be inactive such as the summer months and Baseball.

Submitted by Guest on, Jun/21/2015

How to Practice for Online Casino Games

If you're like me, you just can't get enough of online casinos! I don't know why, maybe it's just the Skinner Box model making my brain light up in all the right places with each win, or perhaps it's just my passion for betting in general that makes gambling feel so good, or maybe the casino games are just catering to my inner gamer.

Submitted by Payton on, Jun/21/2015

What is the Best Fantasy Golf Site for Real Cash? has been reviewing a number of Fantasy Golf sites to determine which is the best for winning real cash.  It becomes pretty obvious when looking at the contest offerings across the Net. clearly has some of the biggest real cash prizes.  The problem with a mega site the likes of DraftKings is the number of entrants.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Jun/16/2015

More than 60 countries in the world now regulate online gambling


According to the new research, more than 50 percent of the world's population is restricted from accessing online gambling in their own countries. It was found that gambling availability varies greatly from country to country. Some countries prohibit all types of casinos, while others ban local firms from running a gambling business but allow foreign companies to operate. 

Submitted by Payton on, May/11/2015

Land and Online Slots Payout Rates

Submitted by Payton on, May/05/2015

How Old do I have to Be – Minimum Age – to Place a Bet on the Kentucky Derby

If you are looking to place a bet on the Kentucky Derby in Vegas, you’ll need to be at least 21.  Betting online you must be 18 years or older though US-based sites require individuals to be 21 years or older.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, May/01/2015

How Old do I have to Be – Minimum Age – to Place a Bet on Mayweather-Pacquiao

If you are looking to place a bet on the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in Vegas, you’ll need to be at least 21.  Betting online you must be 18 years or older.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, May/01/2015

Where Can I Bet on the Kentucky Derby From New Jersey?

If you are looking to bet on Saturday’s Kentucky Derby from the state of New Jersey, you can do so at the the Meadowlands and two tracks in Monmouth County or online at either the state-sanctioned but severely lacking (courtesy of TVG) or one of a number of offshore sites like BetPhoenix that accepts customers from the Garden State.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, May/01/2015 The Place to Shop for Bonuses

That horrifying moment when you’re in the shower and realize that you’ve run out of shampoo can be devastating to all of us. As difficult as it may be, we work through the devastation and know exactly what we need and where to get it at the best price. Just as you have a shampoo shop in mind that has precisely what you need, (LBB) is a one stop shop for no deposit bingo bonuses and free trials, coupons included.

Submitted by Payton on, Apr/18/2015

LCB Relaunches is an online casino guide that launched in 2002. The site provides online gamblers with a wealth of information as proven by the iGB Award of Outstanding Contribution to iGaming Affiliate Industry given to the previous owner in 2011.

Submitted by Payton on, Apr/01/2015

Wizard of Vegas Releases Introductory Advantage Play Guide

Gambling information website Wizard of Vegas has announced the publishing of their latest educational article, Introductory Advantage Play, giving players the information they need to help gain an edge at the casino.

The article is the first in a series of informational articles, which will help spell out exactly what advantage play is, some of the misconceptions behind advantage play, and tackling the various promotions and games that advantage players use to try and make money.

Submitted by Payton on, Mar/27/2015

LCB Exceeds 3,000 Free Games

The best way to test out new game releases is to try them risk free but you don’t necessarily need a casino bonus to play. features a massive selection of Free Games which has recently exceeded 3,000! This milestone is one that staff is quite proud of and members are making the most of.

Submitted by Payton on, Feb/11/2015

Do Online Sportsbooks Allow $5, $10, $20 Bets? Minimum Wagers

The vast majority of online sportsbooks do allow a minimum $5 bet while the average wager is between $10 and $20. Claim Your FREE $250 Here (use bonus code G911).

Submitted by Guest on, Jan/17/2015

How Are Fantasy Points Calculated for the NBA?

When you select an NBA player for your Fantasy roster, it’s not just about how much that individual scores in a given game, also calculated are the number of rebounds, assists and more.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Jan/03/2015

Breaking News

5Dimes Issues Statement Regarding Kidnapping of Owner

5Dimes Issues Statement Regarding Kidnapping of Owner

Costa Rica sportsbook 5Dimes issued a statement to at least one media outlet in regard to the alleged kidnapping of its colorful owner, Sean "Tony" Creighton, 43 of Morgantown, West Virginia.

Philly Crime Boss Gets Two Years Prison

Philly Crime Boss Gets Two Years Prison

A notorious Philadelphia mob boss sentenced to two years in prison for illegal betting quipped outside court Wednesday that President Donald Trump was right to suggest cooperators or flippers should be outlawed.

Sugarhouse Sportsbook Shifts From Golden Nugget to Monmouth Park in NJ

The newly opened Sugarhouse Sportsbook has found a brand new home after only a few weeks in business according to Legal Sports Report.