6 Deck Blackjack Online - Mobile Casino

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Nagesh Rath
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6 Deck Blackjack Online - Mobile Casino

6 Deck Blackjack online is now available at the BetDSI.com new mobile casino where you get instant games, cash back rewards and no house advantage on live Blackjack tournaments.

With the 6 Deck Blackjack game, BetDSI.com’s mobile online casino allows one to play 3 hands with a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum bet of $100.

Other Blackjack variants offered for mobile and iPad from BetDSI.com include single hand and single deck. 

Single Deck Blackjack pays 6:5 odds at BetDSI.com.  The minimum bet is $1 with the maximum bet $100.

Single Hand Blackjack requires a minimum of $25 with a maximum of $200. 



With Single Deck Blackjack two cards are presented face up with a hand totaling as close to 21 points in value without going over that number.  The dealer’s hand must also be beaten. 

Typically, a push between the dealer and player results in a “no bet” while insurance is generally not permitted in this game. 

The Single Hand Blackjack pays out 3:2 odds.  Ace-plus-10-card is equal to 21 and loses to the dealer’s blackjack.  The dealer would hit soft 17. 

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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