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Fertitta Interactive Positioning Itself for Legalized Internet Poker

Fertitta Interactive
Fertitta Interactive, owned by brothers Frank Fertitta III and Lorenzo Fertitta, announced the purchase of California online gambling company CyberArts Licensing LLC Wednesday.

Clive Archer Has Left The Building
BetOnline, the fastest growing sportsbook in the US, today announced the departure of Clive Archer.

William Hill Shares Up: Claims Business Back to Normal

William Hill
William Hill claimed operations were “back to normal” on Tuesday following a highly publicized walkout of its entire online staff based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, last week.

Schweddy Balls a Hard Find in Vegas

Schweddy Balls Las Vegas
Those living in Las Vegas will be hard pressed to find their favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor ice cream, Schweddy Balls.

Tel A-Heave Ho: Fish Feeder, Rabbi, Hairdresser on Books at William Hill Tel Aviv Office

William Hill
The turmoil continues at William Hill following a mass exodus of employees in its Affiliates United Tel Aviv-based online support centre last week.

William Hill Execs Locked Out of Their Own Office: Implosion Within, Shares Fall

William Hill
The riff between William Hill and its Tel Aviv-based online support and affiliate center, Affiliates United, continued through the weekend following a mass employee walkout last Sunday.

Donald Trump Could be Trump Card for New Jersey’s Chances of Legal i-Gaming

Donald Trump Internet Gambling
Donald Trump’s announcement that he is looking to enter the online gambling fray last week has offered hope on the state front.

How to Lock in a Six-Figure World Series Win

How to Lock in a Six-Figure World Series Win
Adam Meyer’s big-money odyssey began prior to the playoffs when he wagered $100,000 on the St. Louis Cardinals to win the Series.

Oklahoma Online Bookie Gets Four Years Behind Bars

David Roy Tune
An Oklahoma online bookmaker was sentenced to a four year prison sentence following a plea agreement that would require him to cooperate with prosecutors.

Sopranos Actor Arrested as Part of New York Sports Betting Sting

Sopranos Actor Arrested
John Marinacci, 56, was one of the individuals caught up in a New York State sports betting sting alleged to have ties with the Gambino crime family.

Tim Trushel Abruptly Resigns from his Own Website Sports Memo

Tim Trushel Abruptly Resigns
Tim Trushel, the president and owner of the Sports Memo group announced his resignation on Tuesday in a shocking development in the sports advisory business.

Popular APCW Video Account Suspended by

APCW Video Account Suspended by
APCW’s slickly produced “Perspectives Weekly” online gambling industry videos may no longer be available on after the video uploading website apparently suspended their account on Thursday.

Bugging Devices and GPS Tracking Used in Illegal Sports Betting Investigation

sports betting
37 individuals were arrested on Tuesday in New York and charged with running two illegal sports betting and loan-sharking operations.

William Hill Promises Its Affiliates United Branch Staff Six Months Notice of Termination

William Hill
One month's extra pay and six months noticed promised to Affiliates United employees tied to William Hill mutiny

Poll Shows New Jersey Residents Would Overwhelmingly Approve Sports Betting

New Jersey Sports Betting
If the election were held today, an amendment to the New Jersey Constitution allowing gambling on sporting events in Atlantic City casinos and at the state's race tracks would easily win approval

William Hill Share Price in Tizzy Following Tel Aviv Uprising

William Hill Share Price
William Hill’s share price was -4.1p at 224.7p Wednesday as executives from the company tried desperately to quash an uprising in its Tel Aviv Internet support centre.

William Hill Takes Action Against Tel Aviv Execs

William Hill
England’s biggest bookmaker says it is taking actions against executives in charge of its Tel Aviv online gambling support center for wrongly telling employees they were being relocated to Gibraltar.

Mass William Hill Walkout Could Have Effect on Internet Business

William Hill Walkout
The resignation of Eyal Sanoff, the chief marketing officer, from William Hill has prompted a mass walkout of over 200 staff members from the company’s Tel Aviv online support centre, the Sun reports.

BetOnSports Founder Gary Kaplan Out of Prison

The founder of, Gary Kaplan, has completed his prison sentence

Online Sports Betting Way Up at Legends, Volume Way Down

Legends Sportsbook has been visiting the two online gambling website big dogs of Panama City, Panama this weekend, Legends Sports (office pictured) and

Sportingbet Has Sold Its Turkish Business to GVC Sports

Following news this week that takeover talks involving Ladbrokes had fallen through, Sportingbet has sold its Turkish sports betting business to GVC Sports for €142.5m. is Panama Bound: Visiting Legendz Sportsbook,

Legendz Sportsbook, heads to Panama City, Panama this weekend to visit two stalwarts in the online sports betting world, Legendz Sportsbook and

Verisign Wants Power to Seize Domains: ACLU Says “Not So Fast”

Verisign Domain Seizures
In the wake of a number of Internet gambling websites and music downloading website having their domains seized, Verisign has signaled they would like to pursue the policy even further.

Online Gambling Blamed for Drone Computer Virus

Online Gambling
A common malware that allows the theft of log-ins and passwords used in online gaming is being blamed for infecting military systems that are part of a computer program used to control unmanned drones. Unlikely Duo Working on Internet Poker Measure for Subcommittee

Ultra conservative Republican Joe Barton and Liberal Barney Frank are working on a bill that would legalize Internet poker.
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