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Book: Shrink’s Biggest Enemy was Shrink

A major theme in the upcoming book about deceased portal operator Ken "The Shrink" Weitzner likely will be self-destruction, can reveal in another exclusive about the controversial project!

Former Ohio State Star Art Schlichter Blames Addiction for Troubles

 Art Schlichter
Gambling addict and former Ohio State star Art Schlichter admits that addiction has been at the root of his most recent problems without once mentioning the word “gambling” during a jailhouse interview.

Wall Street Journal: 78 Percent Say Internet Gambling Should be Legalized

The Wall Street Journal, which has done an admirable job of covering the recent flurry of activity in the world of online gambling at both the state and federal level, asked on Sunday whether the activity should be legalized.

Nearly Three Quarters of Adults in Britain Gamble

More people are taking part in gambling according to an independent report published today by the Gambling Commission showing that nearly three quarters of adults (73%) gambled in the previous year, up from 68% in 2007.

Facebook Use Compared to Gambling Addiction

Facebook is like the party where all your friends are hanging out, 24-7. Five hundred Facebook friends is not an unusually high number for the average young adult

Definition of “Absolute Veto” Makes Passing Internet Gambling Bill in NJ Nearly Impossible

There has been a whole lot of controversy surrounding New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s “absolute veto” of an Internet gambling bill introduced by State Senator Raymond Lesniak.

NRL Match Fixers Face 10 Years Jail; Pokies Law Could Kill Clubs

Two Australian blokey blokes arrested in relation to an NRL betting scandal have been charged with attempting to defraud a number of betting agencies.

Barney Frank Pushes for new Federal Law for Internet Gambling

Barney Frank
With individual states looking to start offering legalized Internet gambling to their residents, Congressman Barney Frank, now a minority leader, has drafted yet another bill, this time with full support of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

James Packer Aussie Media And Gambling King Quits Ten For Good Of Team

James Packer
In a surprise move, James Packer resigned his directorship of Ten Network as a matter of principle, so the story goes...

Dead on Arrival: New Jersey Internet Gambling Bill Will Require Override

New Jersey Internet Gambling Bill
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie issued an “absolute veto” in regard to legalized Internet gambling in the state.  An official government press release was issued later in the afternoon Wednesday.  So what does it all mean?

BYU Honor Code Bans all Gambling

You probably won't find any student bookies on the campus of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Veto of Internet Gambling in State is “Conditional”: Still in Play

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Veto of Internet Gambling
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has not written off legalized Internet gambling in his state just yet. 

Assemblyman Hopes to Work With NJ Governor on New Internet Gambling Measure

Internet Gambling New Jersey
Following New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s decision to veto a bill that would make NJ the first state to legalize Internet gambling, state democrats spoke out about the decision.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Vetoes Online Gambling Bill

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have made his state the first in the U.S. to re-introduce online gambling.

Chris Christie Still Undecided on Internet Gambling in State: Has Until Midnight

Chris Christie Press Conference
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said during an 11 am press conference (delayed for approximately 10 minutes) that he still has not decided on whether to veto or sign a bill related to legalized Internet gambling in the state.

Chris Christie Press Conference On Internet Gambling Delayed

An 11 am New Jersey Governor Chris Christie scheduled press conference where he was set to discuss his decision related to legalized Internet gambling in the state has been delayed for reasons that are yet to be disclosed.

Judge to Determine if Wiretaps can be used in Alabama Political Gambling Probe

Alabama Political Gambling Probe
U.S. Magistrate Judge Wallace Capel Jr. has concluded a three-day hearing into a political corruption case that has rocked the state of Alabama.

Cruise Ships Gamble On Western Australia

Cruise Ship gambling Western Australia
Here's some unusual news for Australia.  Cruise ships off Western Australia are going to allow gambling.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Press Conference on Internet Gambling (Live)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Press Conference on Internet Gambling
For those of you looking to watch New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s 11 am ET scheduled press conference on his decision to either sign or veto a bill that would legalize Internet gambling

Press of Atlantic City Confirms NJ Governor Chris Christie to Take Action on Internet Gambling Bill

Chris Christie Internet Gambling
New Jersey’s Governor will either veto or sign a bill that would make the state the first to legalize Internet gambling.

Tingle: Australia Gambling With Legal Eagles And Politics

High Rolling Aussie Whale Harry Kakavas Avoids Bankruptcy...

FBI agent: Alabama Gambling investigation Related to 2004 Probe of Milton McGregor, Troy King

An FBI agent says Alabama's gambling corruption investigation is related to a 2004 federal probe of VictoryLand owner Milton McGregor and former state Attorney General Troy King.

Time Ticking in New Jersey as Christie Does not yet Take Action on Internet Gambling Bill

Internet gambling New Jersey
Thursday March 4, 2011 at the stroke of midnight Internet gambling could become legalized in the state of New Jersey.  It would be the first US state to do so.

FBI: More Than 12,000 Phone Calls Intercepted in Alabama Political Gambling Scandal

An FBI agent who investigated corruption allegations at the Alabama Statehouse defended in court Monday how the agency intercepted 12,000 phone calls during more than a month of wiretaps on the phones of two indicted casino owners and a jailed lobbyist

Stepson Confirms….Sort Of….Shrink “Mob” Link

Less than 24 hours after posted a story outlining what questions need to be answered in an upcoming book about the late Ken "The Shrink" Weitzner that's being written by Weitzner's stepson, Jerry Donahue--Donahue answered the questions on a posting forum.
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