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Russian Bookmaker Offers 100,000 Euros for Paul The Octopus

Paul The Octopus
A prognosticating octopus correctly picked all the winners of specified World Cup games including Serbia’s shock win over favored Germany and Spain’s World Cup final win.

Australia and New Zealand Casino and Gambling News

Readers er punters, casino billionaires, whales, journalists and everyone else... the last Australian and New Zealand report was so popular we're following it up pronto, without further delay. So, whether you take a liking to Kangaroos, Koalas, Octopus, Sheep or Tasmanian Devils, we've got something to whet you're appetite. Media Man and Gambling911 set the menu and fire up the barbecue for your culinary delight...

Internet Gambling Regulation Bill Hearing Scheduled for Wednesday

Barney Frank
The House Financial Services Committee chaired by Barney Frank (D-Mass) has confirmed that HR2267, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act, will again be debated on July 21st.

Asia World Cup Gambling Crackdown Continues

The crackdown in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand arrested on more than 5000 people in Asia as a world cup operation against illegal gambling, where it seized more than $10 million.

Sheikh Deal With Gambling Firm Could Be Seen As Defying Islam

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Thani Malaga
New Malaga FC owner Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Thani of Qatar may decide to keep the United Kingdom’s number two biggest bookmaker and gambling house on as a team sponsor after all, though the odds of this happening are seen as rather slim.

Out to Lunch: Vacations As Customers Get Screwed

Troubled online gambling website World Sports Exchange ( has apparently gone on sabbatical, at least for now.

Digital Drugs: The New High And i-Dosing

Digitial Drugs
Forget the fears about your kids getting a hold of the credit card to place bets through online gambling sites.  The reputable one’s, after all, make you jump through hoops to prove your age and identity, even if you’re 65.  The real fear parents is from so-called digital drugs and the high that comes from it, not to mention a new virtual phenomenon that is all too real:  i-Dosing.

Australia: Casino and Gambling News Down Under

Australia is the source of some of the world's most interesting and diverse gambling and casino news this week. It's also the week that the federal election was called, and yes, punters are betting on that also... Media Man and Gambling911 report from down under... Kangaroos, Koala's, Tasmanian Devils and more of natures wonders...

Israel The New China: Shuts Off Internet Access to Online Gambling Sites

Israel Online Gambling
Nevertheless, sites like PokerStars and CasinoOnNet, whose owners originate from Israel, have become respected and highly successful business enterprises in the sector.

Australia, New Zealand Gambling News

Australia is the source of an interesting mix of news this week. Aussie casino wars, casino tycoons big boys toys, casinos buying into other investments, Aussie poker Twit - ers, rumors and more. Media Man and Gambling911 with your Aussie wrap up...

1.8M Spent on Lobbying Mass. Casino Bills in 2010

Casino and gambling interests have flooded Massachusetts with nearly $1.8 million in lobbying dollars during the first six months of the year as lawmakers weighed bills that would legalize casinos and slot machines.

British Columbia Welcomes Online Gambling: Launches Website

British Columbia Online Gambling
“We’ve gotten to this point by making this debate about more than taxes from gaming revenue, which is a bit one-note. Instead, we’ve made a significant case for job creation, capital investment, and the opportunity for New Jersey to become the national and global hub for this industry. And those numbers make this a compelling option for New Jersey legislators to consider.”

Thousands Held In Illegal World Cup Gambling Bust

More than 5,000 people have been arrested and nearly $10 million seized in an operation targeting alleged illegal soccer gambling in Asia during the World Cup, Interpol reported Friday.

Lawyer Concedes “Chainsaw Mobster” Chopped Up Corpse

Defense lawyer Gerald McMahon admitted in a Federal court this week that mob associate Stefan Cicale used a chain saw for chopping up the corpse of Staten Island jeweler Louis Antonelli and making him merely a "desecrater of the deceased."

What Employment Crisis: FBI Jobs Plentiful

FBI Jobs
It may be difficult to find a job in today’s current economic environment but with the right skills, one can apply to become an FBI agent. FBI jobs are in high demand right now despite double digit unemployment numbers in many states.

UFL Commissioner: “We Embrace Gambling in Our League”

The National Football League makes every effort to distance itself from gambling: It's not just that players, coaches and officials are barred from betting on games, but the league shies away from the mere mention of gambling during NFL broadcasts, and the league takes an active interest in stopping the spread of legal sports gambling outside Nevada.

Costa Rica President Defends US Marines Presence: Online Gambling Operators Balk

US Marines Costa Rica
Online gambling operators in the Central American nation of Costa Rica expressed little concern over the 7000 US Marines deployed there to deal with the escalating drug crisis.

700 US Marines Land in Costa Rica Online Gambling Haven

It is home to a few hundred online gambling ventures, many of which operate in the shadows. Costa Rica has long been a country without an army….that is until now.

Cyprus: Mixed Signals Over Future of Online Gambling

LAWMAKERS discussing a draft bill to regulate online betting were left flummoxed yesterday after hearing that the administration, understood to want to ban gambling, might not want an outright prohibition after all - maybe.

Do You Support The Aussie Internet Filter?

Readers, censorship and internet censorship continues to threaten your civil liberties. Big Brother and The Thought Police continue to battle for your mind and control. In the spirit of freedom of the press and freedom of speech we bring you yet another filter free report on the Australian censorship debate

New Jersey Governor Christie Opts Out of Sports Betting Suit

Chris Christie
Citing other pressing issues including the current economic crisis, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has opted to back out of a lawsuit that promises to bring millions of dollars in revenue to the state.

Gambler Who Lost $127 Million Reach Settlement

From the Wall Street Journal: A gambler who accused Harrah's Entertainment Inc. of plying him with drugs and alcohol during a yearlong gambling binge in which he lost more than $127 million appeared to be nearing a legal resolution with the casino company Thursday.

Record World Cup Ratings for Final: Bookies Action Brisk

World Cup Ratings
Some 700 million people across the globe were believed to have watched the 2010 World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands Sunday according to football’s world governing body FIFA. Likewise, bookmakers in the UK and across the world say this was the most bet on event in history.

Paul The Octopus World Cup Picks Net Punters Half Million

Paul The Octopus
By now, Paul the Octopus has become a household name, and for good reason. With Spain winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup (they were early 3/1 favorites coming into the tournament), Paul’s World Cup predictions stand at 100 percent (including his pick that Serbia would beat Germany).

Atlantic City Casino Revenue Down More Than 11 Percent

June was Atlantic City's last chance to post a good financial performance from its 11 casinos while offering something its main competitor didn't: table games. But that chance went by the boards.
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