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2011 iGaming Supershow: Pulls Out

2011 iGaming Supershow has learned that will not be sending representatives to the 2011 iGaming Supershow, an online gambling conference to be held in Dublin, Ireland May 24th-26th.

Another Man Arrested in Connection with Online Poker Crackdown

Ira Rubin, one of 11 people charged with running illegal online gambling operations in the U.S., told a judge that he had “no idea” if a defense attorney was hired because he hasn’t made a phone call since his arrest in Guatemala on April 25.

Antigua Online Gambling Summit Could Address Issue With, Absolute Poker

Antigua Online Gambling Summit
An online gambling summit being held on the Caribbean island of Antigua over the next two days looks to address how to move forward with the island nation’s long standing dispute with the US over its burgeoning i-Gaming sector. Offers UK Tote for Asian Customer Base Offers UK Tote will be offering pool betting on UK horse racing to its Asian clientele.

DOJ Source Said PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker Created “Financial Black Hole”

PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker
Why the DOJ went after PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker?  It was all about volume and the massive financial black hole created as a result. to Stop Accepting New US Players for Summer
Beginning May 1 (2011), will no longer be accepting new customers from the US.

Microgaming Online Casinos Pulling out of US Market

Microgaming Online Casinos
Reports have surfaced that Microgaming, one of the largest providers of online casinos, will no longer allow US players.

Las Vegas Hotels Bed Bugs: Who’s Got Them?

Las Vegas Hotels Bed Bugs
Heading to Las Vegas and looking to stay at a bed bug free hotel?  There is a site that actually monitors Las Vegas hotel bed bugs activity, although it’s difficult to determine the accuracy of some commenters. Absolute Poker Contemplate Next Move

Embattled online poker room, / Absolute Poker, may elect to fight charges against it via Antigua and the World Trade Organization.

Full Tilt Poker Money Fails to Arrive for Poker Tournament Show

The London Telegraph is reporting that monies due to players for a tournament show has failed to arrive from the world’s second largest online poker venture, Full Tilt Poker. We Want You After All US Players, But Is It Russian Roulette?
Following the crackdown on and two other online poker enterprises last week, all three companies abandoned the US market…..or sort of.

Australian Gambling News Easter Special

Happy Easter punters, gamblers, journos, politicians, entertainment news and all. We have an full Easter basket of news for you today. Media Man and Gambling911 with your Eggs Lent news report...

Most Bank Accounts Froze in Online Poker Crackdown Belong to Full Tilt Poker, Founder

Full Tilt Poker and its founder, Raymond Bitar, have taken the brunt of this action against three online poker companies and others it appears

Australia to Crack Down on Internet Gambling

Australia Internet Gambling
Aussie Internet Gamblers To Get More Protection...

Globe and Mail Intimate Look at PokerStars Founder

The Globe and Mail released quite a fascinating look at the man behind PokerStars, Israeli-born (or perhaps Canadian-born) Isai Scheinberg.

Australian Underbelly: Razor

Australian audiences are in for another treat. Underbelly 4 is coming up, and there's gambling themes to boot, plus plenty of vice. Media Man and Gambling911 deliver your daily dose of vice Aussie style...

Antigua says U.S. Online Poker Shutdown was Illegal

The United States violated global trade law by shutting down Internet gambling sites based in Antigua and elsewhere and prosecuting their owners, according to Antigua and Barbuda officials considering action in the World Trade Organization.

Absolute Poker, Issues Statement Regarding Indictments Announcement Indictments
Absolute Poker, including the UB (formerly Ultimate Bet) brand, hereafter "Absolute Poker," issued the following statement today:

Many Dead in Karachi Gambling Club Explosion

Pakistan Gambling Club Explosion
At least 16 people were killed and 40 others wounded after a bomb went off in one of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest gambling clubs Thursday night.

Interpol Will Not Detain Execs of Indicted Online Poker Companies in Costa Rica

Interpol Costa Rica Online Poker
Indicted officials working for PokerStars and living and working in Costa Rica will not have to worry about being detained by Interpol.

Jenny Woo Talks Poker Indictments as PokerStars Figures out how to Pay Players

Jenny Woo's Jenny Woo discusses recent online poker indictments

Is Full Tilt Poker Being Asked to Break the Law Again?

Full Tilt Poker
The US Attorney in the Southern District of New York, which prosecuted the case against Full Tilt, is asking them to break the law....or so it seems

DOJ Restores Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars domain names to Facilitate Payments

As Part of Agreements, Use of Domain Names and Will Be Restored to Facilitate Return of U.S. Player Funds

Online Poker: Welcome to the Bank of Al Qaeda, 6-Year Old Gamblers

Bank of Al Qaeda
The GOP has taken a tough stance against legalizing online poker following last Friday’s crackdown, linking the activity to everything from drug trafficking to Al Queda.

ESPN Will Air 2011 WSOP: Latest Developments re: Online Poker Crackdown

World Series of Poker
ESPN insisted late Tuesday it will continue to air the popular World Series of Poker, Steve Wynn talks online poker indictments and more
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