Price Per Head NFL Lines – 2015 Week 2

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Don Shapiro
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Price Per Head NFL Lines – 2015 Week 2

Most of the Price Per Head NFL lines at RealBookies.com were now available (subject to fluctuate throughout the week and customized for customers).

Be mindful that these are just the base lines.   With the Pay Per Head, you are dealing with a smaller sampling of the betting population, and so it may be more volatile than usual.

For example, a big bet coming in on one side is going to have a greater impact on you, relatively speaking, than it would on a much larger operation. So if you are a very conscientious bookmaker, you might use the below lines as an opener, but you will probably want to move your line according to the money you see.  Be mindful of any injuries that may have occurred over the weekend in which the player status is not immediately known early on.  In the case of Dallas’ Dez Bryant, we already know he will be out for at lest four weeks.


09/20/2015 261   HOUSTON TEXANS  +3-105       o40½-110  +140

10:00:00     262   CAROLINA PANTHERS      -3-115        u40½-110  -160

09/20/2015 263   TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS        +10-110     o47½-110 +390

10:00:00     264   NEW ORLEANS SAINTS    -10-110      u47½-110  -510

09/20/2015 265   SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS                    

10:00:00     266   PITTSBURGH STEELERS                    

09/20/2015 267   DETROIT LIONS                          

10:00:00     268   MINNESOTA VIKINGS                          

09/20/2015 269   NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS         PK-110       o45-110   

10:00:00     270   BUFFALO BILLS         PK-110       u45-110    

09/20/2015 271   ARIZONA CARDINALS        -2-110        o45-110    

10:00:00     272   CHICAGO BEARS     +2-110       u45-110    

09/20/2015 273   TENNESSEE TITANS +2-110       o41½-110 

10:00:00     274   CLEVELAND BROWNS      -2-110        u41½-110 

09/20/2015 275   SAN DIEGO CHARGERS   +3½-120    o45½-110  +155

10:00:00     276   CINCINNATI BENGALS      -3½EV        u45½-110  -175

09/20/2015 277   ST. LOUIS RAMS       -3-125        o42-110     -170

10:00:00     278   WASHINGTON REDSKINS          +3+105       u42-110    +150

09/20/2015 279   ATLANTA FALCONS                    

10:00:00     280   NEW YORK GIANTS                    

09/20/2015 281   BALTIMORE RAVENS                           

13:05:00     282   OAKLAND RAIDERS                    

09/20/2015 283   MIAMI DOLPHINS       -6-110        o41½-110  -270

13:05:00     284   JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS         +6-110       u41½-110 +230

09/20/2015 285   DALLAS COWBOYS                   

13:25:00     286   PHILADELPHIA EAGLES                       

09/20/2015 287   SEATTLE SEAHAWKS        +3+105       o48½-110  +150

17:30:00          288      GREEN BAY PACKERS        -3-125 u48½-110        -170

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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