NFL Betting - AFC West Division Odds 2013: Chiefs at 9-1 With Value (Video)

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Don Shapiro
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NFL Betting - AFC West Division Odds 2013:  Chiefs at 9-1 With Value (Video) has your NFL betting for the AFC West division 2013 with long odds on a team that Kenny White of Don Best TV believes has a shot.


That would be the Kansas City Chiefs, who would pay out $90 for every $10 bet or $900 for every $100 bet.  White has gone as far as to say the Chiefs could even win the 2014 Super Bowl.  Hmmmm

It is, of course, the Denver Broncos that are favored to win the AFC West Division at 1-5 odds.

Despite White’s suggestion that the Chiefs could pull an upset in this division, he does acknowledge the Broncos have all the pieces to go all the way this season.

Denver also has the strength of schedule working in their favor.

“The numbers show this by taking last year’s numbers,” White said. 

And as far as the Chiefs go, new head coach Andy Reid brings great value to this team.

The total was shaved towards the UNDER 7 and obviously White believes they were perform much better here.

“Andy Reid is going to be very aggressive on the defense,” White predicts.

The video preview for this game appears below with Abode Flash required to view.  You can visit the Don Best website to watch more videos here.

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