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Chicago Bears Odds to Win 2014 Super Bowl at 25-1

Chicago Bears Odds to Win 2014 Super Bowl at 25-1

The Chicago Bears odds to win the 2014 Super Bowl at Ace Sportsbook were set at 25-1 early on.


With Chicago having the second largest readership audience here at after New York, we just know a great many of you will be betting on the Bears.

Probably not a bad bet, especially for the price.  Green Bay is certainly the team to beat but they are also the one team in the NFC North that hasn’t made any marked improvements during the offseason.

Chicago has!

Yes there is a transition period in Chicago but there is also enough talent on defense and special teams to win games, not to mention fresh new coaching.

One of the critical changes we should see is an improvement in yards gained, according to the Sporting News.  They point out that, under a Marc Trestman system that prioritizes efficiency and accuracy, don’t expect to see another 4.65 yards gained o the first down per play.  The Bears ranked 31st in this category last season and it really dragged down the offense in a big way.


- Don Shapiro,