Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Arkansas Razorbacks Spread

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C Costigan
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Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Arkansas Razorbacks

The Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Arkansas Razorbacks spread opened at Alabama -7 and this line has hardly budged one bit even though nearly 90 percent of the betting action was coming in on the Crimson Tide as of Wednesday. 

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Arkansas is looking to provide number one-ranked Alabama with one of its biggest challenges of the 2010 College Football season.

“There have been a few instances over these past few days where the spread did in fact move to -7 1/2,” observed Don Shapiro of  “That shows a desire to get some action on the Razorbacks.  Maybe the books are sensing they are going to be crushed.”

Typically oddsmakers won’t hold a line above numbers such as “7” or “3” for long periods of time when the spread has already been published at one of those numbers.

The Crimson Tide odds of winning the 2011 BCS Championship remained at +250 for a potential payout of $250 on every $100 bet at or $25 on every $10 bet.

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