$4.7 Billion Are Up for Grabs This Super Bowl Sunday

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Everything is ready for Super Bowl Sunday, this February 4th at 6:30 pm, the New England Patriots will face against the Philadelphia Eagles in an epic battle, and this year American's are expected to wager a record $4.7 billion on this one game.

Here is the Best Place to Secure Your Piece of the Pie

The best part about this is that experts calculate than about 97% of that amount will be wagered outside traditional venues like Vegas, meaning, bookies all over the country are looking at a very sweet payday.

Clearly, the size of the pie each bookie can take home largely depends on their choice of pay per head service, for those who want to maximize their chances of a huge payoff, the clear choice is www.AcePerHead.com, with 20 years of experience in the price per head sportsbook industry, and the sharpest lines on the market, and top of the line customer service, you can't go wrong.

Although we are only a few days away from the biggest sporting event of the year, switching to Ace Per Head is still possible, setups can take as little as 15 minutes and you and your players will enjoy the benefits of the best web and mobile betting app.

Ace Per Head is known for putting up tons of props on all matches, and clearly, the Super Bowl won't be an exception, but the most exciting part is their live wagering interface, it is simply spectacular with more betting options than any other pay per head.

If you have been taking bets on the side at work or the at your local bar, this is the perfect time for you to branch out and go digital, take advantage of the best betting odds on the internet, offer your players a chance to truly experience the Super Bowl like they have never done before.

To get started simply go to AcePerHead.com and register as an agent, then you can either contact an account manager via chat or wait a few minutes and they will contact you, all they need is a little information on what you are looking for to set up your account and player sheet, and 15 minutes after that you can go ahead and call yourself an online bookie.

And if a hefty piece of $4.7 billion is not enough of an incentive for you, then maybe this will be, for a limited time Ace Per Head is offering an unprecedented 6-week free trial, that is correct, you get to switch for free, take advantage of the great lines available for the Super Bowl and all the other sports that AcePerHead.com offers and not have to pay a single dime for a full 6 weeks.

No other price per head company will offer you a deal as sweet as this one, so don't think about it any longer, go ahead and make the best decision for your bookie operation right now, registration is simple and extremely fast, you will be done in less than 1 minute. As mentioned before, the setup can take as little as 15-20 minutes, this means your state of the art sportsbook shop could be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

Go ahead, you deserve a nice chunk of those $4.7 billion!

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