2013 Super Bowl Odds of a Safety Takes on New Meaning After 2012 Big Payout

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Carrie Stroup
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2013 Super Bowl Odds of a Safety Takes on New Meaning After 2012 Big Payout

The odds of a safety occurring during the 2013 Super Bowl were pretty slim, but don’t tell that to those who bet the safety for the 2012 Super Bowl. 


It happened. 

And it happened at huge odds.

Amazingly, 28-year-old Jona Rechnitz, owner of JSR Capital in New York, placed a $1000 bet on the safety being the first score.

And that happened.

Rechnitz hit the bet at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with odds of 50-1.  A safety had only occurred in two other Super Bowls.  Oddsmakers offered long odds on the occurrence of a safety and even longer odds on a safety being the first score of the game. 

"My friends thought I was crazy," Rechnitz told ESPN.com at the time. "To be honest, I actually thought I was crazy, too."

This year, the safety pays 8/1 odds or $800 for every $100 bet or $80 for every $10 bet at Sportsbook.com.

Gambling911.com believes the odds should be more generous but why not place $10 for this two happen in two consecutive Super Bowls? 

Okay, we know lightning doesn’t normally strike the same place twice.

The other option is to bet there will not be a safety and….well…at -1200 odds, this is not an option. 

Sportsbook.com is offering up to $250 in FREE CASH for qualified new customers.  LIVE BETTING ON THE SUPER BOWL. 

- Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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