2013 Super Bowl Bets: Penalties, Kickoffs, Coach’s Challenge Odds

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Ean Lamb
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2013 Super Bowl Bets:  Penalties, Kickoffs, Coach’s Challenge Odds

Carrie Stroup here with a look at the 2013 Super Bowl bets for kickoffs, coach’s challenge and penalties with a number of varying odds offerings.  Sportsbook.com is offering up to $250 in FREE CASH for qualified new customers.  LIVE BETTING ON THE SUPER BOWL. 


The team to use the coach’s challenge first featured a line of -115 for both San Francisco and Baltimore.

The first kickoff being a touchback came in at -170, however, should it not be a touchback, the payout would be $14 for every $10 bet.   We at Gambling911.com see some good value here.

The Ravens are favoured slightly to commit the first penalty at -125 odds while the 49ers were listed at -115.

Kickoff return odds featured an OVER/UNDER of 4.5 paying $14 for every $10 on the OVER.  The UNDER 4.5 on returns only had a line of -180, which is not worth wagering.

Sportsbook.com had one of the most extensive listings of 2013 Super Bowl bets available online, which you can find in full here

- Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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