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Online Sports Betting: FIFA World Cup Fills Void

Online Sports Betting FIFA World Cup

Typically the months of June and July provide very few options outside of baseball when it comes to online sports betting.  Early June still offers the NBA Finals, which gets a decent amount of action, and the Belmont Stakes.  The British Open is also a heavily bet on event in Great Britain.  This year, the saving grace for online sports betting operations is the FIFA World Cup.

With just 19 more days to go until the World Cup gets underway in South Africa, the Internet bookmaking sites are expecting to fill the void for what would normally be one of the slowest wagering periods of the year.

Online sports betting firms like that predominantly focus on the North American market hope to capitalize on team USA making an appearance in the upcoming World Cup.  

"We are talking a good month of solid revenues generated on an event that only takes place every four years," explains Don Shapiro of  "Think Christmas in July for retailers.  We are talking a substantial boost to the bottom line." was offering the following early lines on the 2010 FIFA World Cup:

Spain +450 or 4.5/1 - "Spain have been drifting in the market ever since a spate of injuries hit their squad, namely to Fernando Torres. They are still the favourites to win outright but not by much anymore.  It is a race against time but with still four weeks to go before kick-off they have time on their side (not much) to see their stars fit for their first match against Switzerland.

"If the Spanish ranks are mended by June 11th, they will be the best outfit on paper and make no mistake, the best bet to win the World Cup. The market reaction might be premature in the end, it is early days yet."

Brazil +500 or 5/1 -"One can never discount the most successful nation on the biggest stage in football but if truth were told, they don't have as imposing an outfit as of days gone by. Still, they play an attractive football and their experience will stand them well in the competition, perhaps all the way."

England +550 or 5.5/1 - England are listed as the third favourites in the market across the board. Worldwide bookmakers fancy the English - they are seemingly the elephant in the room.

"They have a convincing team that negotiated an impressive qualifying campaign. And they have perhaps the best coach ever at the helm in Fabio Capello."

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Christopher Costigan, Publisher