Lionel Messi World Cup Final Betting Odds – First Goal Scored

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Lionel Messi World Cup Final Betting Odds – First Goal Scored

You can bet Lionel Messi to score the first goal of the 2014 World Cup Final online at here.

Lionel Messi and Thomas Muller were both favorites to score the first goal and either would pay out US$32.50 for every US$10 bet.

It is being called a “Day of Destiny” for Lionel Messi.

The Associated Press cited five ways in which Messi stands out above all others at this year’s World Cup.

These included speed, balance, accuracy, patience and intelligence.

In terms of speed, Karl Ritter of the Associated Press writes:

There are plenty of players who could outrun Messi in a 100-meter dash. But running with the ball is a different story. Messi can control the ball at close to top speed, making him an excellent dribbler. Also, it's his acceleration rather than his top speed that cuts up defenses. Few defenders can keep up when Messi revs up from standstill, creating space for his left-foot shot.

In regard to intelligence, Ritter notes:

Messi also stands out for his ability to read the game, mapping out paths to the opponent's goal in his mind before the opponent does. That's key to understanding why he's such a prolific scorer. Knowing by instinct where a gap will open up for a quick pass or shot gives him an advantage over others, though it can also complicate things for the team. Sometimes Messi lets chances slip away by being too smart for his Argentina teammates, who aren't in sync with him to the same degree as Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez in Barcelona.

Elsewhere, Miroslav Klose pays $45 for every $10 bet, Sergio Aguero pays $47, Mario Gotze pays $52.50, Andre Schurrle pays $55, Lukas Podolski pays $55, Mesut Ozil pays 6/1 and Gonzalo Higuain pays $62.50.

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