American Idol Betting Odds Still Have Value Despite Adam Lambert Factor

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C Costigan
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American Idol

Adam Lambert continues to be the runaway favorite to win this season's American Idol.  But the real value lies with Kris Allen. 

Lambert, with -350 odds that require a $3.50 bet to win $1.00 (that $3.50 is returned along with the $1.00 win is paid back if Lambert is crowned the next Idol), continues to impress.  But as Gambling911.com has pointed out over and over again, the core American Idol fans may not be ready for Adam.  (all odds courtesy of BetUS.com)

"(Adam) Lambert is good but he'll have to overcome that goth boy kissing image that your typical American Idol fan hasn't quite embraced as of yet," says Gambling911.com Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien. 

Earlier in the season, photos of Lambert kissing other boys surfaced across the Internet.  He has reportedly admitted to being of the "bisexual" persuasion.

"A person's sex preference, that should not matter, but it might to Idol fans," says resident Gambling911.com Cuban transgender reporter, Sparky Collins.  "More gays, they began surfacing in recent years on Idol.  One, last year, David Hernandez, he was an alleged gay stripper.  They all got booted early on after reaching the finals."

Some would argue that Lambert's talents can overcome these obstacles.  However, in recent weeks it does appear as if he has competition. 

An article appearing in Tuesday's USAToday.com suggests that Kris Allen could very well upset Adam Lambert.

"Hands up if you thought Kris Allen wouldn't make the American Idol tour, much less the top five.

Now, with just three weeks remaining until the show's May 19 finale, a strong finish by the fresh-faced 23-year-old from Conway, Ark., could upset the seeming certainty of an Adam Lambert/Danny Gokey showdown.

"Kris has proven to be the kind of contestant Idol voters like: an underdog and a fast learner. He's an appealing performer and canny interpreter, winning raves for his counterintuitive takes on Ain't No Sunshine and She Works Hard for the Money.

"He could overtake Danny, whose recent lackluster song choices and static arrangements threaten his early-favorite status."

USAToday.com also suggests that, as the finals approach, Allen will likely pick up voters supporting the likes of Danny Gokey.

"Should Danny get voted off after an uncharacteristically bad performance, Adam likely would pick up few of the bespectacled singer's voters. And that could make Kris Allen a very tough man to beat."

Kris Allen was listed with +700 odds, which would pay out $7.00 for every $1.00 bet.  Other odds to win the 2009 edition of American Idol included Danny Gokey at +400, Allison Iraheta at +1400 and Matt Giraud at +7000.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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