Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: Valentine’s Day in Vegas

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush
His team just won the Super Bowl and she was one of the most wagered on props of the game over at Sportsbetting.com. We are talking of course about New Orleans Saints player, Reggie Bush, and his Valentine’s Day sweetheart, Kim Kardashian. The two celebrated Valentine’s Day in style at Vegas’s Club Lavo. Kardashian was crowned Sin City's Queen of Hearts.

American Idol 9th Season Odds to be Published This Week

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Planned Parenthood Ad Odds

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Planned Parenthood Ad
Don't tell Focus on The Family, but some online gambling websites were offering odds on the Tim Tebow Super Bowl Planned Parenthood ad including our friends at betED.com.

Super Bowl 2010 Proposition Bets Getting Most Love

Super Bowl 2010 Proposition Bets
Gambling911.com has been following the Super Bowl 2010 proposition bets that are among the most searched.

Super Bowl 2010: Bets That Make Sense

Super Bowl 2010
When it comes to Super Bowl 2010, there were a few standout bets that made especially good sense considering recent past history and other variables.

Kim Kardashian Breast Bet For Super Bowl 2010

Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Prop Bet
The winner of the best Super Bowl 2010 bet goes to….. Sportsbetting.com. And it’s actually the Kim Kardashian Breast Bet for Super Bowl 2010.

Focus on Family Tim Tebow Mom Super Bowl Ad Odds

It is one of the most controversial ads set to run during a Super Bowl and CBS has already said they do not plan on rejecting it.

Super Bowl 2010 Prop Bet: Color of Gatorade

Super Bowl 2010 Prop Bet Color of Gatorade
The Super Bowl 2010 prop bet we’ve all been waiting for: What color will the Gatorade be that showers the winning coach?

Kim Kardashian Bust Size vs. Super Bowl Game Total Bets

Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Prop Bet
Gambling911.com has already reported that the Kim Kardashian Super Bowl prop bet as to how many times CBS will show here on air is among the most popular of the entertainment props this year.

Super Bowl Prop Bet: Coin Toss Pays Better Than Even

Super Bowl Prop Bet Coin Toss
We’ve talked a lot here at Gambling911.com about the most popular Super Bowl prop bet, the coin toss and which team wins it.

Super Bowl Carrie Underwood National Anthem Prop Bet

Super Bowl Carrie Underwood National Anthem Prop Bet
The Super Bowl Carrie Underwood National Anthem prop bet promises to be among the most popular as it was last year when Jennifer Hudson sang it.

Avatar Odds to Win Best Picture: New Favorite

Avatar Odds to Win Best Picture
Sportsbook.com has released its 2010 Oscars odds and Avatar has now gone from long +300 odds to the new favorite at -300. One must bet $30 to win $10 (the $30 is returned along with the $10 win should Avatar be awarded "Best Picture").

Super Bowl 2010: Who, Townsend Half Time Song Odds No More

Super Bowl 2010, The Who, Pete Townsend, Halftime Song Odds
Sports Interaction is getting ready for the Super Bowl 2010 and all the betting that comes with it but Halftime Song odds (that would have been in conjunction with The Who and Pete Townsend's performance) won't be a part of the mix as they were with last year's Super Bowl betting.

Super Bowl Picks: Psychic Nun Picks Colts By 9

Who has the best Super Bowl picks? How about a psychic nun?

Reggie Bush Saints Odds Include Kim Kardashian

Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian
New Orleans Saints player Reggie Bush’ main squeeze is Kim Kardashian, so at this year’s Super Bowl we will not only have a chance to wager on Bush, we’ll also be able to bet on Kardashian.

2010 Super Bowl Commercials: Bet On The Highest Rated

2010 Super Bowl Commercials
Besides the game itself, the 2010 Super Bowl commercials are looking to be among the most controversial in quite some time. There is a Tim Tebow Mom abortion spot running that CBS will not pull.

Super Bowl Props: Heads or Tails on the Coin Toss

Super Bowl Coin Flip
What are the Super Bowl props that will be getting the most betting action this weekend? Heads or Tails! It’s the Super Bowl coin toss.

Can Avatar Win Oscar “Best Picture”: Oddsmakers Unsure

Avatar Best Picture Nomination
Prior to the Oscars nominations being announced Tuesday morning February 2, oddsmakers were not so sure about whether Avatar could walk off with “Best Picture”. Sportsbook.com had the film with +300 or 3/1 odds, behind both Up In The Air and The Hurt Closet (both early near even favorites).

2010 Super Bowl Halftime Show Betting Props

2010 Super Bowl Halftime Show Betting Props
Always a big draw, 2010 Super bowl Halftime Show betting props were now available at BetUS.com.

2010 Oscars Odds to be Updated as Nominations Announced

2010 Oscars Odds
The 2010 Oscars odds were expected to be updated by Tuesday evening at Sportsbook.com following the announced nominations this morning. This is Carrie Stroup reporting for Gambling911.com.

Grammy Awards 2010 Odds: Taylor Swift the Favorite

Grammy Awards 2010 Odds
Grammy Awards 2010 odds were available at BetUS.com. “Record of the Year” is a toss up between three songs that would pay close to $20 for every $10 bet. These include Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me”, Beyonce’s “Halo” and King Leon’s “Use Somebody”, which is actually the slight +150 favorite, paying $15 for every $10 bet.

Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Prop Bet

Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Prop Bet
Las Vegas sportsbooks had already begun offering what is likely to become one of the 2010 Super Bowl’s most popular entertainment prop bets – the Kim Kardashian Super Bowl prop bet. Betting on the 2010 Super Bowl will result in millions of dollars wagered on some several hundred bets, most of which will be prop-related.

The Best of Gambling 911: Jenny Falls for a Super Hero

Now celebrating 10 great years, Gambling911.com takes a look back at some of its star reporters greatest loves.

Brangelina Divorce Odds: Heading for a Meltdown?

Brangelina Divorce
Gambling911.com has been waiting for these Brangelina divorce odds, and BetUS.com has come through.

Battle for the DSRL Odds Posted

Battle for the DSRL Odds
While this year's Super Bowl is certainly garnering the requisite hype and hoopla as it always does, there's a nmther matchup in town that is also turning heads. The Battle for the DSRL - Oreo Double Stuff Racing League between the ‘Donalds' and the NFL's Manning brothers
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