Super Bowl Picks: Psychic Nun Picks Colts By 9

Who has the best Super Bowl picks? How about a psychic nun?

Reggie Bush Saints Odds Include Kim Kardashian

Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian
New Orleans Saints player Reggie Bush’ main squeeze is Kim Kardashian, so at this year’s Super Bowl we will not only have a chance to wager on Bush, we’ll also be able to bet on Kardashian.

2010 Super Bowl Commercials: Bet On The Highest Rated

2010 Super Bowl Commercials
Besides the game itself, the 2010 Super Bowl commercials are looking to be among the most controversial in quite some time. There is a Tim Tebow Mom abortion spot running that CBS will not pull.

Super Bowl Props: Heads or Tails on the Coin Toss

Super Bowl Coin Flip
What are the Super Bowl props that will be getting the most betting action this weekend? Heads or Tails! It’s the Super Bowl coin toss.

Can Avatar Win Oscar “Best Picture”: Oddsmakers Unsure

Avatar Best Picture Nomination
Prior to the Oscars nominations being announced Tuesday morning February 2, oddsmakers were not so sure about whether Avatar could walk off with “Best Picture”. Sportsbook.com had the film with +300 or 3/1 odds, behind both Up In The Air and The Hurt Closet (both early near even favorites).

2010 Super Bowl Halftime Show Betting Props

2010 Super Bowl Halftime Show Betting Props
Always a big draw, 2010 Super bowl Halftime Show betting props were now available at BetUS.com.

2010 Oscars Odds to be Updated as Nominations Announced

2010 Oscars Odds
The 2010 Oscars odds were expected to be updated by Tuesday evening at Sportsbook.com following the announced nominations this morning. This is Carrie Stroup reporting for Gambling911.com.

Grammy Awards 2010 Odds: Taylor Swift the Favorite

Grammy Awards 2010 Odds
Grammy Awards 2010 odds were available at BetUS.com. “Record of the Year” is a toss up between three songs that would pay close to $20 for every $10 bet. These include Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me”, Beyonce’s “Halo” and King Leon’s “Use Somebody”, which is actually the slight +150 favorite, paying $15 for every $10 bet.

Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Prop Bet

Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Prop Bet
Las Vegas sportsbooks had already begun offering what is likely to become one of the 2010 Super Bowl’s most popular entertainment prop bets – the Kim Kardashian Super Bowl prop bet. Betting on the 2010 Super Bowl will result in millions of dollars wagered on some several hundred bets, most of which will be prop-related.

The Best of Gambling 911: Jenny Falls for a Super Hero

Now celebrating 10 great years, Gambling911.com takes a look back at some of its star reporters greatest loves.

Brangelina Divorce Odds: Heading for a Meltdown?

Brangelina Divorce
Gambling911.com has been waiting for these Brangelina divorce odds, and BetUS.com has come through.

Battle for the DSRL Odds Posted

Battle for the DSRL Odds
While this year's Super Bowl is certainly garnering the requisite hype and hoopla as it always does, there's a nmther matchup in town that is also turning heads. The Battle for the DSRL - Oreo Double Stuff Racing League between the ‘Donalds' and the NFL's Manning brothers

Tiger Woods Interview Odds

Joy Behar
Who will be the first to interview disgraced golfer Tiger Woods after he leaves what is believed to be a program that assists so-called “sex addicts”? Odds favor 60 Minutes just barely at online gambling site BetUS.com paying 2/1 odds.

Super Bowl 2010 Halftime Show Prop Bets

Super Bowl 2010 Halftime Show prop bets were now available and among the few that were betable this long prior to the big game.

Spider-Man 4 Odds Now Up

The wildly popular Spider-Man franchise was fully enmeshed in the Hollywood rumor mill this week as reports surfaced from Sony that Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi won’t reprise their roles on the project for the fourth installment.

American Idol and Simon Cowell Replacement Odds

With the size of the following the hit TV show American Idol has garnered over the years Simon Cowel’s announcement that he would be leaving the show after the season was met with a ton of buzz and speculation amongst fans.

Conan O’Brien Odds Now Posted

Conan O'Brien
Yes you can bet on where Conon O'Brien will end up next.

Pawn Stars Vegas Reality Star is a Real Con Man

Pawn Stars
The star of a Las Vegas-based, hit reality television show is a real-life con man, Gambling911.com can reveal exclusively!

Pete Doherty, Amy Winehouse Favs to be Busted First in 2010

Troubled celebrities like Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse are expected to carry on with their reckless ways while the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are expected to calm down a bit in the coming year.

10 Great Years of Gambling911: Hasidic Sex With Woo

In September 2005, our own Jenny Woo taught the world something they might never have known...and it had absolutely nothing to do with gambling but certainly got loads of Web searches.

Celebrity Apprentice 3 Odds: Not So Fast

Celebrity Apprentice 3 odds will likely be available at Sportsbook.com shortly. The real emphasis is on the word “shortly” as in – they probably won’t be up very long.

Kobe Bryant Favored as Next Gun Toting NBA Star?

Kobe Bryant
One wouldn’t think it….not Kobe Bryant. But the oddsmakers at the oldest North American facing online sportsbook, Bookmaker.com, have made the Lakers star an even favorite to be found with a gun stashed in his locker by March 30th

Simon Cowell: Odds on Who Will Replace American Idol Judge

With rumors swirling about American Idol feisty judge Simon Cowell possibly leaving the show, the most established North American online oddsmaker, Bookmaker.com, has wasted little time in posting odds on who Simon Cowell’s replacement might be. Bookmaker.com even found themselves plastered on Page 6 of the New York Post.

Avatar and The Oscars: Would Pay Gamblers $300

With all the talk about the mega box office hit Avatar these past few weeks, some Gambling911.com readers might want to actually place an early bet on Avatar winning an Oscar in 2010.

Oscars 2010 Odds

BetUS.com has published Oscars 2010 odds well in advance of one of online gambling’s most bet on events. In any given year, the Oscars typically ranks among the top 5 most wagered on one day events.
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