Create A Lucrative Sportsbook Empire With These 3 Premium PPH Tools

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Every online bookie agents dream is to create a sportsbook empire that allows them to sit back and watch the money roll in.

Although nothing beats hard work, most agents have access to 3 powerful tools that could put them on the path to creating that lucrative sportsbook empire.

3 Premium PPH Tools for the Sportsbook Empire

All 3 PPH tools you find listed below are available through PayPerHead’s Prime Package. Their premium software allows bookies to streamline their business and grow their sportsbook empire.

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1. Injury information

Most all sports bettors use injury information to decide what games to wager. Injury information is the single most important aspect of handicapping.

An injured horse, quarterback, pitcher, or point guard can drastically betting odds.affect

It’s true that with some work you can find out injury information on your own. , while you search for the correct injury information, your players might have already taken advantage of the information. However

Make sure you get the same information that your players get.

2. Line mover

We started with injury information before getting to the most powerful premium tool because pay per head agents use injury information to decide to use the line mover.

Moving lines is paramount to sportsbook success.

First, moving a line up or down a half a point prevents from ever having to issue refunds.

Second, agents can change betting lines depending on their specific sportsbook businesses. Just because something happens in Vegas to change a line, it doesn’t mean that the same thing will happen in your individual sportsbook.

You change lines to make your sportsbook successful just like the oddsmakers at the MGM Grand change lines to make their sportsbook successful. You need the line mover to change lines. d

3. Television listings

It’s proven that casual bettors, and even some pro bettors, wager on games they can watch. it’s the NFL Season, it’s even more important that per head agents market prime time broadcast football games. Since

The NFL has a game every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday night from now until the end of the regular season that faces virtually zero competition.

The MLB Playoffs could provide some competition. No worries. Market MLB Playoff games as well as the primetime NFL game.

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