Trending Report June 8, 2010

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Jenny Woo
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Over the past 48 hours everybody - AND WE MEAN EVERYBODY - was visiting the website to learn all about a new term that could not even be found on Google until now:  "Law of the Donkey". reported that this "law" could very well be applied to the suspect in a Peruvian woman's murder, Joran van der Sloot.  He was also the lead suspect in the disappearance of Natalie Holloway back in 2005.  "Law of the Donkey" was the 74th most popular search in Google late Monday evening, and was pretty much the only website that dared to discuss what this means.  In Spanish it translates to "la ley del asno" and is essentially a form of vigilante justice whereby citizens would take matters into their own hands should an individual not be found guilty by the judicial system.  Those applying the "Law of the Donkey" to van der Sloot have become a little more creative, suggesting revenge will be enacted against him even behind bars, specifically in the form of brutal rape.  Peru does not have a death penalty.

"Joran van Der Sloot", "Law of the Donkey", "Peru Prisons" all trended ferociously over the past 24 hours, resulting in what has already become the 5th most read article of 2010.   

The article received over 9000 unique reads during this period. 

"van der Sloot" related terms have trended well throughout the past weekend, though nothing quite like what we witnessed overnight Sunday well into Monday. has been covering this story rather extensively due to its poker connection, though we suspect that oddsmakers will begin to offer odds on a van der Sloot prison sentence and, quite possibly, whether "The law of the Donkey" will be exacted before such a sentencing.'s Facebook Page features all the latest trending and other unique content including Funny Searches and now introducing Upcoming Articles/Things To Look For Soon At

During the day Sunday, enjoyed the best traffic yet for the NBA post season.  Possibly it had to do with the Sunday game time drawing more interest or it could have had something to do with Gambling911's improved rankings in search for the NBA Playoffs/Final.  Traffic has been decent throughout the Playoffs but Sunday resulted in a huge surge in search queries, specifically "NBA Final" and "Lakers Game" along with the usual "Celtics vs. Lakers Odds".  Sunday was such a strong day for that traffic was actually much better than the day prior, which featured the Belmont Stakes.  Oddly enough, Saturday's traffic was down a bit from both Thursday and Friday.  This was mostly due to Saturday traditionally being a low readership day especially during the summer months.  The Belmont Stakes was basically all that sustained traffic on Saturday and it was certainly good.  There was an increase of a few thousand in traffic over last year with unique visitors, though page views were down some.

76 percent of traffic came from the US on Sunday compared to 74 percent on Monday.  These percentages are rather high compared to average days, mostly a result of the van der Sloot and NBA Finals heavy coverage, drawing interest mostly from Americans.  Canada has attributed to around 9 percent of readership over this period. and Facebook drew decent traffic to beyond that of Google and

Jenny Woo, Senior International Correspondent 

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