Use Bitcoin for Your Pay Per Head Bookie Software Solutions

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C Costigan
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Modern technological advances like Bitcoin have revolutionized the Internet sports betting industry over the past several years and that has had a direct and profound impact on how sports bets are actually booked these days. Online gambling software companies such as Premier Per Head has devoted quite a bit of time and money to bring private bookies across the nation and around the globe the right sportsbook software solutions needed to run and manage your own sportsbook, racebook and online white label casino.

1-Everything You Need is Included in One, Low Price Per Head Service Fee

It would be highly cost-prohibitive for any independent sports bookmaker to operate online without the assistance of a Free Pay Per Head site, but that does not mean that all online bookie software services are created equal. Premier Per Head has been providing private bookies just like yourself with the proper sportsbook software solutions for well over 15 years. Our time-tested bookie software is not only easy to navigate, it can be fully customized to meet your specific business needs in the form of your own company website. Best of all, once you give us a call at 800.498.4709 to sign on with our PPH service, everything you need to be successful as a private bookie is included in one, low price per head service fee for just your active betting customers.

2-All the Betting Lines You Need, Delivered Fast and Razor Sharp

A big part of our price per head software service is quick and easy access to all the betting lines you need to build out your betting board any way you want. You will always have the ability to move your own betting lines while changing your offerings to best meet your business needs. Our long-standing relationships with the top Oddsmaking services in the world ensure that you will have thousands of live wagering options each and every week.

3-Pay Per Head Payment Options that Work for You

Convenience and cost are two vital factors when it comes to choosing a Pay Per Head site. Premier Per Head always makes things convenient with a number of different payment options including Bitcoin as one of the fastest growing money transfer options in the Internet sports betting industry today. We also make our sportsbook software solutions cost effective by giving you more for your money every single day of the year. All it takes to get started is one simple phone call to 800.498.4709 or you can visit us online at

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