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When it comes to a solid Pay Per Head, pricing is one of the most important things one should look at.  Most Pay Per Head pricing structures are conspicuously posted on the PPH website, or at the very least, a starting point.

The SharpBookie pricing options appear right on their website with breakdowns for each.

$69 per week gets a bookie, agent or distributor the following:

10 Player Accounts

         91 Major Sports Leagues

         Live Sports Data

         In-Play Wagering

         Line Mangager

         Agent System

         White Label

         Tech concierge

SharpBookie does offer a FREE platform for beginners.

This is targeted to those with 5 or fewer players in hopes they can

build their customer base.  It’s only for three major sports leagues, whether that be the NFL, College Football and College Basketball or some other sport these players would like to wager on.  This package, as one might expect, is extremely limited and does not include LIVE IN-PLAY BETTING.

For more details visit here

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