Premier Pay Per Head Sites Customer Service Leads the Way

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Matt Skinner
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Premier Pay Per Head Sites Customer Service Leads the Way

For the past 14 years Premier has established itself as a leader in the Pay Per Head industry for our commitment to building your bottom line as an independent sports bookmaker and our world class call center has always been a key focal point of this continued success.

Premier Per Head offers bookmaking agents and their customers one of the most knowledgeable customer service staffs in the sports betting industry that is deep in experience and expertise when it comes to taking action and handling individual accounts. Best of all is the fact that we cater specifically to an American customer base in order to eliminate any communication barriers that often times exist with other PPH online bookmaking .

All of our representatives have walked in your shoes, so to speak. They know what it takes to run a profitable bookmaking business and they always have your best interest in mind when handling your account. They also know what it takes to keep your customers satisfied with their betting experience, so every time one of them actually contacts our call center you can rest assured as their bookmaking agent that everything will be taken care of in a professional and efficient manner.

Today’s online bettors have developed a whole new level of sophistication when it comes to their sports wagers and Premier has spared no expense to remain way ahead of the curve to meet these needs. We will always offer a toll-free number as a point of contact, but with the major advances in technology, more and more bettors are turning to email, online chat, text and a secure one-on-one message service to handle their account.

Premier is proud to state that our communication technology and sports betting software remains on the cutting edge for every one of these call center contact options. Our PPH solutions provide every agent with a website that customizable to their business needs and easy to use for their entire customer base. Best of all, it is designed with dozens of security measures that always ensure that every online communication is conducted in a safe and secure environment.

Quality customer care is your primary point of difference when competing against the big, impersonal sportsbooks in the sports betting industry today and when you sign-on with Premier as your PPH service we can guarantee that our call center will stand head and shoulders above the competition.

- Matt Skinner, Gambling911.com

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