Learn How to Make Money as a Bookie - Download Free eBook

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Aaron Goldstein
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Learn How to Make Money as a Bookie - Download Free eBook

This informative new eBook from the experts at PayPerHead.com on how to increase revenue for your pay per head business has been catching the attention of online bookies everywhere.

They’re loving this free resource because it gives full access to:

- Proven per head services tips on how successful bookies operate

- Strategies for sports enthusiasts who want to break into the pay per head industry

- Proven programs for online bookie veterans looking to boost their revenue

- Facts on common industry blunders and how to avoid them

- Insights on the finances behind your pay per head platform and players

Download the eBook today to see for yourself and start turning all of these tactical promotions into cash in your pocket.

Each page is full of expert industry knowledge, here’s a sneak preview:

"When you take bets from your clients, you’re getting a guaranteed percentage of that coming back to you. Online bookies often take up to 10% of the total action, which gives them a margin of safety to take bets and lets them provide the best service possible. If you’re working a small book, this can amount to a few thousand dollars a week, which isn’t a bad salary for handling a few bets from clients and managing the administrative side of things. The flip side of this is the fact that you need to contact your clients regularly, offer them good lines, and practice good customer service (all things that PayPerHead helps you with), but when you compare all of these small hassles with relatively consistent weekly earnings just from the vig, you will quickly see why this business is so profitable."

Today's sports bookies know the power of the internet and know how to leverage it to enhance the strength of their overall book. But with so many online bookies in the industry, it's not always clear how you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

If you’re at a loss as per how to stand out to new players, you need to look into this eBook.

It will refresh your strategy, renew your player list, and teach you to get the most out of your pay per head platform. And best of all, it’s completely free!

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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