Henderson’s Skyline Casino Called into Question over Staff Changes

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C Costigan
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As reported by the VegasInternationalHotel.com earlier this month, the owners/operators of Henderson Skyline Casino might have gotten themselves in a bit a jam with the Nevada Gaming Commission for the failure to report recent additions and departures of some of its employee staff to gaming regulators. 

The Nevada Gaming Commission is set to hear a complaint from the Nevada Gaming Control Board concerning this matter this Thursday. The complaint states that Northumberland LMG Corp, which is the parent company of Henderson’s did not notify regulators about a group totaling at least 19 employees vacating their positions. This goes all the way back to May of 2016.

The article at PlaySlots4RealMoney.com goes on to say that an agreement signed by the board and by Skyline President Jim Marsh may lay the groundwork for a $4000 fine. Preliminary findings also suggest that the casino will have to send at least one company representative to attend an employee registration class each year for the next two years. Some of the main issues with Henderson’s past business practices include the failure to submit monthly hiring reports. These are due on a regular basis by the 15th of each month, but a backlog of reports were not filed until November of 2016. The hiring reports covering November 2016 through September 2017 were finally filed on Oct. 18 of last year.

Another issue in the complaint had to do with a security guard’s employee registration. He reportedly worked a full 14 months after his registration form had expired. The complaint states that Control Board agents notified the casino four separate times about the missing reports. At this point it decided to call the casino’s general manager in October of 2017. The complaint was signed on Feb. 6 by new Control Board Chairman Becky Harris. The main purpose of Thursday’s meeting is to consider the complaint in its entirety. Also, the proposed settlement agreement will be taken into consideration at this time. It is widely expected that Henderson’s will not contest any of these findings.

This is an excellent example of how Las Vegas casino’s police themselves considering the role that regulatory agencies such as the Gaming Commission and Gaming Control play in the process. While some of these infractions appear to minor in the detail, the integrity of the Nevada casino industry needs to be held to a very high standard. Anywhere that real money gambling is permitted by law, there needs to be a specialized governing body in charge apart from any regular enforcement agency.

Casino customers want to feel confident that every aspect of a real money gambling institution is consistently operating on the up-and-up. Without the proper system in place to account for current casino employees and their role within the organization, outside influences could be a disruptive force. Henderson’s Skyline Casino will basically walk away with a slight slap on the wrist in this whole matter. However, it was called out on compliance issues that needed to be addressed.

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