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How would you feel if a friend gave you a present? You then realize that the present your friend has given you has cost him much money, time and self-sacrifice for you to get it? Besides, you learn that your friend wants you to benefit from the present because it will help you make millions of dollars per year?

Well, you will live to respect and never to forget your friend. Interestingly, that friend is none other than, and the present is the elite pay per head online bookie software.

We are giving you this present on a FREE offer that will last for only three weeks.

The time to grab the offer is now! Perhaps you are asking yourself what does the package come with? Well, the answer is simple. Our pay per head bookie software equipped with amazing features that serious and professional online bettors are looking. Here are some of the notable features you are expecting:

• 24/7 customer support (call center, live chat, and email)

• Standard Agent Interface that allows your clients to have the best gaming experience ever

• Best and affordable wagering rates

• Online cashier; from this, your clients can make payments whenever they like

• On making payments, players can use Western Union, Skrill, CC, Bitcoin, Credit Card, MG, and other major payment methods

• Live dealer rates that are standardized

• Real-time reporting and sports wagering especially for those clients to prefer live in-game betting

• DDOS protection

• High responsiveness that allows betting from any mobile device

Apart from those necessary software features that you will get to enjoy once you sign up, there are numerous other advantages of making the decision by taking advantage of our FREE pay per head online software for the next 21 days.

Remember that as indicated in the opening paragraph, it is not easy for a friend in this era and age to sacrifice their lifetime savings just to give you what will generate money for a lifetime. It indeed takes courage and love.

That is what we feel at premierperhead. We have your best interest at heart. Our mission is for your online bookie business to flourish and become one of the most successful bookies the world has ever produced.

Besides, during the three weeks, we will offer the necessary support and after that be in a position to give you tips that will help your business continue to grow.

Today is the right time for you to get this FREE online bookie software bearing in mind that you cannot find it elsewhere for FREE.

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