Etherium-Based Online Poker Site Virtue Welcomes Dan Coleman, Brian Rast

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Two of the bigger names in poker have joined the new Etherium-based website Virtue Poker as site ambassadors.

Dan Colman and Brian Rast announced the move via on Monday.

Colman is currently number two on the Hendon Mob’s all-time money list.

“I’ve become very interested in the cryptocurrency space this year and am excited to work with the Virtue Poker team to bring this new type of poker platform to market,” Coleman said.  “Virtue Poker is an innovative solution that I believe can add a lot of value to online poker, I’m excited to be apart of the team.”,

The company has already spent two years in development, but real money play isn’t expected to begin until mid-2018.

“The lack of transparency and accountability in the practices of many online poker companies presents a great opportunity for blockchain technology to showcase its utility in a manner that will satisfy both players and regulators,” said Virtue’s Co-Founder, Ryan Gittleson.

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