Bitcoin Might Be Improving From Last Week’s $5,947, But Investors Are Still Nervous

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In the past two months, the world’s number one cryptocurrency has seen a lot of activity. These activities can be traced back to 2009. But it is good to keep it close. It was November 30, 2017, when the price plummets to its lowest. Then, the price of a single coin was trading at $10, 000. Some digital coin exchanges, however, recorded much lower.  But within one week, the price jumped to $13, 000. The price surged in the following 20 or so days. By the end of the year, the price of the red-hot coin had surged to a whopping $20, 000. But the coin did not end the year at that high. It soon started to shrink. 

In fact, in less than 24 hours, the price of the coin came down to $18, 000. Since then, the price has not gone back to that high. Instead, the price has been going down gradually. Since it hit its highest of $20, 000 during the Thanksgiving Day, the price of the red-hot coin hasn’t gone back. With many saying it will finally come back, investors are still apprehensive.  It is understandable that there are many things that are causing this trouble. For instance, last week, the government of South Korea issued a warning. Authorities in that country said that they will impose a ban. The ban will be on cryptocurrency trade. That day,Wednesday, the price of the traditional digital coin shrunk to $5,947. This is the lowest value the coin has reached so far in 2018. Advertisement:  Visit the best Bitcoin casinos at Play Slots 4 Real Money

Although the price has since risen from that depth, investors are still not quite sure. It is still hard for them to start putting their money in the business. Many of them would rather invest in pay per head business. There are many reasons why this is happening. According to Mr. Marburger, the major problem facing digital currency investors is its volatility. In fact, experts now say that the volatility is crazy. It is responsible for the collapse of the coin’s value, which is 40 percent in a month. Mr. Marburger goes on to say that you cannot compare the coin with other things like gold. "Gold has a sustainable track record over decades. It is an asset you actually hold in your hands. People are looking for something to touch. It is better rather than an investment where only the belief in it is the value. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has proven one time more than it is based on speculation," he said.


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