Road for March Madness: Set Up Your Pay Per Head Business Now

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We are one month away from the start of march madness, it all begins with Selection Sunday on March 11th, at a yet to be determined location, but, bookies need to know where they will be booking their action ahead of the big event.

Get the Most Out of Your Per Head

The NCAA Championship tournament is the biggest event in college sports, and the poteantial for a huge payoff is there for the taking, but, where you book action will have a big impact on how much you profit from this thrilling event.

Not all price per head sportsbook services are created equal, agents who know, choose to book their action over at because they get better service, sharper odds and ultimately a higher ROI.

The cost of a better service should not cost you more, understands this very well, which is why their pricing starts as low as $10 per head.

For the same price you pay at another pay per head company, you get so much more for your buck. State of the art mobile betting applications, dedicated websites, the most reliable network with a real, proven 99.99% uptime, is just the start.

Skilled customer service reps are available to answer any question you or your players may have, they will treat you like royalty regardless of how big or small your player sheet is. You also get more prop bets, alternative lines, matchups, and futures than anywhere else, and when it comes to Live Betting, nobody comes close.

Any agent who is not 100% satisfied with their current price per head sportsbook services, and is worried they may miss out on a great opportunity this March Madness, then the only thing to do is switch right now, the great folks over at have even created an incredible deal for agents looking for a better option, for a limited time you can switch and receive an amazing 6-week free trial.

This means switching will not cost you a single dime for the next 6-weeks, nobody else in this industry will give you a deal as sweet as this one. And there are no gimmicks, you get the best they have to offer for free.

Over the years Ace Per Head has developed a reputation for always posting the sharpest lines, they know how to create interest to balance out the action and maximize profits for the bookies who entrust their business to them. They have been around for close to 2 decades, the fact that they are not only still around, but have solidified their leadership position is what makes the real difference.

After March Madness the sportsbook industry calms down considerably, so for many bookies, this is their last chance to make some serious dough before the low season starts. If you are one of these agents, then wouldn't you rather be somewhere where you are more likely to increase your profits than taking a gamble at your current place that maybe you can come out on the winning side?

Switch to today and take advantage of the 6-week free trial, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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