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This March Madness will see so many office pools set up and this includes the great states of Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, some of which will have representation in this year's NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament. looks at a few March Madness office pool software platforms below.

Turbo Tourney - Turbo Tourney 2018 and Turbo Tourney Pro 2018 are the premier software tools for managing your sports office pool or online contest.   Since 1994 this company has been providing everything you need to make running your office pool fun again and will amaze your players!  Why wait... join the fun now! Turbo Tourney is an automated pool manager for your college basketball tournament pool. You can collect entries on the web and download them directly into your pool with just a few clicks. Turbo Tourney takes all the work out of this time-consuming and error prone task. You setup all your options, customize your pool parameters and let Turbo Tourney do the rest! - While not an office pool software per se, offers a full service online sportsbook for wagering purposes whereby administrators act as bookies or agents and pay a set fee per player (Free for up to 4 weeks at  The platform allows individuals to place money line bets (on team to win outright), spread bets and futures (team to win the Championship).  While payouts could prove lucrative and players will likely continue taking advantage long beyond the conclusion of March Madness, administrators will typically come out well on top as "the house always wins" applies here.  The software company (known as a Pay Per Head) manages and does all the leg work, including the ability to communicate with clients 24/7 both online and via the phone.  Administrators only job is to ensure their players are paid in a timely fashion. allows the option of providing cryptocurrency payment and deposit transactions to the point where an administrator's primary focus will be on attracting more players and counting the money as it rolls in.  This particular platform allows clients to place bets on games LIVE IN-PLAY right up to the final second (i.e. which team will score next, etc..). Mobile platform available in addition to an online casino.

Office Football Pool - Don't let the name fool you.  This platform is available for March Madness. There are a number of pools in which to choose from including: 

Pick-The-Bracket - The office classic. Starting with the field of 64, pick the winner of every NCAA Basketball Tournament game.

Tourney Survivor - Pick 1 team each day of the Tournament. If they win you advance. If they lose, you're out.

Tourney Shares - A fantasy sportsbook for March Madness, you make tournament picks against the spread and on over/under totals.

Tourney Takeover - If your team covers the spread, you advance to the next round. If your team covers but loses the game, then you take over the winning team.

Tourney Squares - 10x10 grids (like for the Superbowl) except your numbers are good for every game in the tournament.

Seed 8 - Pick 8 NCAA teams and get their seed value in points for each win.

Confidence 16 -  Pick 16 teams and rank them 16 (highest) to 1 and get their point value for each win. The person with the most points at the end wins.

Sweet 16 Bracket - Starting with the Sweet 16 (round 3), pick the winner of every game through the Championship.

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