3 Premium Pay Per Head Tools You Need For March Madness Betting

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All online bookie agents should have signed up for premium tools. If agents haven’t yet signed up for premium tools, they absolutely must before March Madness begins.

The reason is because March Madness requires premium tools. Tools that premium plans like PayPerHead.com offer provide what’s necessary to increase and protect profit during March Madness. 

Keep reading for 3 premium pay per head tools that are must haves during March.

Premium Tools For March Madness Betting

Line Mover – The line mover is easily one of the most powerful overall pay per head tools available through most premium plan

Armed with a line mover, agents can ensure that they aren’t beholden to lines set in Las Vegas.

Why is that important during March Madness? Information on every team that plays in the NCAA Tournament, the key sports betting event during March, is difficult to find.

Vegas odds makers create odds based on how they believe the public will bet, not on what they personally believe will happen.

Most pay per head agents don’t have that luxury. Agents must change odds depending on the action they receive on specific games.

The only way to change spread betting odds on a college basketball game is with a line mover.

Injury information – Injury information is one of the most important tools that sports bettors check before making bets.

Doesn’t it make sense that bookies should access the same information that their players access?

Not only does it make sense to look at injury information, bookmakers can use the injury information. Blindly changing lines makes no sense. Anticipating action because of injuries in a game is the key.

Once an agent predicts action, that agent can then proactively change the line (using the Line Mover!) before the action arrives. 

Extra live betting reports – Most basic pay per head software offers live betting reports. Often, bookies don’t need extra live betting reports.

During March Madness, extra live betting reports are essential.

The reason they are essential is because the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament is unlike any other sporting event in the world.

In Round 1, games take place simultaneously all day on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Online bookie agents must be able to quickly check live betting reports, delete bets, move lines, take games off the board, etc. 7

Premium plans like those from PayPerHead provide extra live betting reports.

Upgrade to a premium sportsbook management software to stay ahead of the March Madness betting.

PayPerHead’s Prime Package (which includes all 3 premium features and more) is on right now for 50% off in order to get agents ready for the NCAA Tournament.

Find out more about their premium pay per head tools, and start building your sportsbook empire.

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