Stephen Biegun The Odds on Favorite to be Named Next National Security Advisor

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C Costigan
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With President Trump expected to appoint a new NSA this week, oddsmakers have projected who might be the favorite among 15 candidates.

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Stephen Biegun is currently the favorite while Brian Hook and Richard Grenell also have better than 5-1 odds, according to the site SportsBetting.ag, which specializes in politics as well as sports and entertainment odds.

The bookmaker has also posted odds for who will be the next member of the Trump Administration to be fired or resign. VA Secretary Robert Wilkie and Energy Secretary Rick Perry are the favorites to leave their positions next.

Another interesting set of odds from SportsBetting are for the next candidate to drop out of the Democratic nominee race. Bill de Blasio and Tim Ryan are the favorites in that category.

Finally, updated odds for the Democratic race following last week's debate reflected little movement.

Beto O'Rourke saw the largest jump in odds, going from 50-1 to 33-1 while Tom Steyer improved possibly by simply not being at the debate, going from 50-1 to 40-1. Amy Klobuchar climbed to 50-1 after having 66-1 odds before the debate.

Current odds

Next National Security Advisor
Stephen Biegun 5-2
Brian Hook 3-1
Richard Grenell 4-1
Keith Kellogg 7-1
Matthew Pottinger 7-1
Douglas MacGregor 8-1
Jack Keane 10-1
Ricky Waddell 10-1
Pete Hoekstra 12-1
Robert Kimmitt 12-1
Rob Blair 15-1
Robert O'Brien 15-1
Frederick Fleitz 15-1
Charles Kupperman 20-1
Paula Dobriansky 25-1
Next member of Trump Admin. to resign/be fired
Robert Wilkie 2-1
Rick Perry 4-1
David Bernhardt 5-1
Steven Mnuchin 5-1
Andrew Wheeler 6-1
Mark Esper 8-1
Mike Pompeo 10-1
Elaine Chao 10-1
Next candidate to drop out of Democratic race
Bill de Blasio 3-2
Tim Ryan 3-1
Tulsi Gabbard 5-1
Steve Bullock 7-1
Michael Bennet 7-1
John Delaney 8-1
Marianne Williamson 10-1
Tom Steyer 20-1
Democratic Nominee
Elizabeth Warren 2-1
Joe Biden 3-1
Bernie Sanders 5-1
Andrew Yang 8-1
Kamala Harris 12-1
Pete Buttigieg 20-1
Tulsi Gabbard 25-1
Cory Booker 33-1
Beto O'Rourke 33-1
Tom Steyer 40-1
Amy Klobuchar 50-1
Jay Inslee 80-1
Julian Castro 80-1
Marianne Williamson 80-1
Steve Bullock 100-1
Bill de Blasio 125-1
John Delaney 125-1
Michael Bennett 125-1
Tim Ryan 125-1
Explanation of fractional odds: 2-1 odds means a bettor would wager 1 to gain 2 while 125-1 odds indicates a bettor would wager 1 to return 125.

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