Sportsbook Bonus Reviews for the 2018 NFL Season: Free Play vs. Free Cash

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Which is better?  Free cash or free play bonuses?  This is the question many gamblers will be asking when selecting an online sportsbook for the 2018 NFL betting season.

BetPhoenix offers both sportsbook bonus options, each having their own pros and cons.

A cash bonus will almost always involve a high rollover or gambling activity requirement.  In the case of the BetPhoenix cash bonus option, you are talking about a 20X rollover.  This is hard to achieve.  Yes, the initial promo comes across as enticing: The maximum cash bonus is $1000.  To get that you'd have to fund your account for $1000 since it is a 100% sportsbook bonus.

For us, the 50% free play is the most enticing as it only requires a 5X rollover.   Assuming you love betting sports, this bonus should be available in a relatively short period of time.  To get the maximum $1000, you would have to fund your account with $2000 (the bonus is 50% as opposed to 100%).

Yes, there is the 100% free play with a less desirable rollover of 12X. Though less desirable than the 50% free play option, the amount to fund your account in order to receive a $1000 free play would be $1000 (not $2000). 

The term "free play" tends to turn some gamblers off when "free cash" is thrown into the equation.  Yes, you can pull $1000 in free cash and spend it on something nice.  The $1000 free play, on the other hand, could be turned into $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, you get the picture.

- Dan Shapiro,

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