Exclusive Interview With PremierPerHead COO Podcast Launches Thursday 8 pm ET

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C Costigan
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Thursday August 29 8 pm EST Gambling911.com is thrilled to debut our podcast interview with PremierPerHead COO Matt Morandi, who dishes on everyone from the new British Invasion (of sports betting), regulators (and their blatant hypocrisy) and your soon-to-be ex-wife (who will subpoena your FanDuel betting records during the divorce proceedings).

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In the nearly one hour podcast, Morandi discusses everything from what he really thinks of the so-called 'British Invasion" of the US regulated sports betting market, his disgust over regulated US sportsbooks booting players who win and why he believes savvy bookmakers will have little problem competing with the regulated books.

"It's like taxi drivers having to adapt with Uber," he said.

PremierPerHead is set to debut its brand new website.  The podcast is coming soon so good things come to those who wait.

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PremierPerHead.com just launched their new website.

“Digitizing your book would require at least thousands of dollars in down payments and tens of thousands per month in development and wage costs for customer services. In addition to those costs, you’ll also need to consistently update your software which is another ten thousand dollars per month. Our way enables you to work “for” your business rather than “in” your business. We take great pride in knowing that our services to you and your players, is nothing but the best.”

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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