Open an Online Sports Betting Account From Florida

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You can open an online sports betting account from Florida via a few dozen tax-free international websites that are accessible from all of them, many of which have now been in business 20 years. 

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Opening an online sports wagering account typically takes less than five minutes to sign up.

Next it is all about funding that account.  You will need to send at least $25 to most sports betting sites via your credit card or other method.  You can be walked through this process via online chat.  Opening with a credit card can take as little as two minutes, keeping in mind that some credit card-issuing banks do not allow their cards to be used for gambling transactions.  Gift cards and electric cash transfer is another option, however, more than half of all international Web gambling transactions are done via bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  You will need to set up your crypto accounts tied to a bank account.  Once complete, this is the best way to send and receive funds.  Payouts are typically in under an hour via this method.

Florida is not likely to embrace a statewide sportsbook structure any time soon as there is significant opposition to gambling expansion in the state.

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